Curry / Side-dish

Restaurant style Yellow Dal

There is hardly anyplace in India where people won’t recognize this lentil curry. A staple vegetarian dish in every Indian household, dal chawal have become synonymous with home-made food, relished by the young & old in the same contentment. This dish is divergent from place to place ,because the real flavor lies in the tadka that is put into this after boiling the lentils properly.. And if my lunch plate has rice, alo-bharta and moong-dal ,i happily dance with joy. Before i start my plate ,i add mango pickle to this spread & enjoy that simple soul food. I am…

Bread / Rice, BreakFast, Indian Festive Food

Ven Pongal

Wish you all a blessed Varalakshmi Vratam , it’s a celebration which every woman in house do for the well being of family. Since morning i have been so busy preparing naivedyam (festive food). For this I had to wake up around 5.30 AM which is little early for me 🙂 Goddess Lashmi is worshiped on this day for wealth,health and prosperity. And this festival is mostly celebrated in South-India. I have prepared holige (a sweet stuffed flat bread) ,ven pongal ,Drumstick Kuzhambu and payasam for morning offering. I will make some mango seera too for evening offering . If…

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