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5 Awesome Things to do in Yercaud

Yercaud is a destination for a must visit! This Hillery beauty, located in Salem District of Tamil Nadu is an enchanting holiday spot in the Eastern Ghats. These five things to do in Yercaud during your trip. It's 30th of December…

Mahabalipuram Tour

Recently i was in Chennai for few days , and Mahabalipuram was always in my list before. Sunday morning took a cab , a 60km drive from T.Nagar Chennai . This place is also called Mamallapuram, named after the great wrestler Mamalla,the…

Ride to Masinagudi, Tamilnadu

Soulful voice of Lucky Ali on my Ipod fills my body.Our bullet sound was breaking the silence of the Forest and we were driving our way to Masinagudi. It was perfect time of the day to enjoy the early sun with cold breeze as we started from…