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Best Red Bean Burgers | Homemade Rajma Burgers

Red bean Burger with this mustard sauce can satisfy a meat-lover too. Add some onion slices and there are just so good for your appetite. Sharing Best Red Bean Burgers here.
With just few ingredients at home you can prepare these healthy protein-packed Red Bean burger for your family. The addition of mustard sauce is like cherry on top .

Best Red Bean Burgers

Recently I won a contest for my dish Moong-Dalma . I have to concede that I felt like a kid when I received this beautiful cast-iron flat pan as the winning Prize..

I have been already been in love with my skillet which I use regularly to prepare my dish .Now this one is my second love. While one can use this to prepare a crispy Dosa for Breakfast , I thought of making some burger patties on it. And this time i choose a vegetarian option due to this festive season.

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Yes ,we are celebrating Navaratris ,a festival of nine Nights worshiping Goddess Durga. North-Indian People observe fasting during Nine days. People in Odisha ,west Bengal mostly celebrate from the 6th days of Puja (Sasthi) that is tomorrow 7th Oct .
The theme of the generic puja pandals and the lights displayed on the streets make these places truly alive. It really seems like there is a divine presence for these five days .Goddess Durga has arrived on the earth to bless us with prosperity and wealth.
Though I don’t follow a strict veg-diet as I simply can’t resist Macher-chop or Mutton-kosha during Pandal hopping. You can count me a typical Bengali these days .

So I thought of giving a Bengali make-over to this Red Bean burger. An explosion of robust flavors .I have used my favorite kasundi sauce here.Though you can always replace with the american mustard sauce. But believe me kasundi sauce with that smoked onion really does the magic in bringing some delicious flavors to your taste bud.

Just follow the recipe and make this Red Bean burger.. The taste is spot on !

You can increase green chili amount if you want to make it spicy. It will go well with kasundi. Kasundi sauce is easily available at super market ,though you can prepare them at home too.

I will bring the recipe in another post for sure. You can buy Kasundi Sauce from amazon too.

 Red bean Burger with this mustard sauce can satisfy a meat-lover too. Add some onion slices and there are just so good to die for.There is another thing which I want to share with you all ..I have started an event on my Facebook Page .It’s our first Giveaway for you .Do check the event page here which is open for people living in India. Contest ends on 13th Oct 2016.

As the Puja begins ,let’s pray for the peace of all mankind…

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu shanti- rupena samsthita
Namas tasyai, namas tasyai, namas tasyai namo namah”

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Red-Bean burger with Mustard sauce
Cuisine american, fusion
Prep Time 180 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Cuisine american, fusion
Prep Time 180 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. Soak Rajma for 3 hour. Pressure cook it with the potato in 3 cup water for 2 to 3 whistle till they are just perfectly done. Or you can boil Rajma till they are done.
  2. Once they are done just smash them coarsely with the back side of spatula. Mix mashed boiled potato ,gram flour to it.
  3. Add lemon juice, black salt ,amchur powder (dry mango powder),chopped green chili and roasted cumin powder.Adjust salt.Leave it for 10 minute.
  4. Now make 4 to 5 patty out of it .Heat a flat skillet and cook the patty at medium flame with a little oil.
  5. Cut the onion into round rings .Once you are done with the cooking of burger patties ,put them on hot skillet and switch off the flame.
  6. Make your burger placing the burger patty ,onion and kasundi sauce.Serve hot.
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