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Seven things to do in Vagamon , Winter Vale Green Stay

It’s been a year and half since we traveled to Kerala. Wanderlust consumed our hearts; we looked at the map of Kerala.
“I want an engrossing destination” I murmured. 

“What about Vagamon? It looks like a floating paradise, blooming meadows.” Said Sai Priya.

Seven things to do in Vagamon , Winter Vale Green Stay

Staying at WinterVale gives us a thousand unforgettable memories. Lodged amidst the meadows of western Ghat , this place is perfect to rejuvenate & re-connect with oneself. A blissful experience in the God’s own country , Kerala

It’s a two hour drive from Kumily Bus stop . You definitely gonna enjoy that drive for sure, sighting the green mountains .

The gorgeous wooden villa welcomes us with a floral arrangement and greetings.

Those wooden arm-chairs in the balcony become our favourite cozy spot. A welcoming place for nature to bestow the warmth . The first thing we prefer is to sip piping hot Chukku Kappi . Coffee flavoured with dry ginger and black pepper. A perfect treat for wintery December.

We spend hours in watching the changing sky. A flock of clouds are dancing with joy on the blue carpet. While three little Robin birds are singing a winter song.
Here are the six things that you can’t miss while staying at this splendid Wintervale.

1. Morning at WinterVale Green Stay Resort

Mornings at Wintervale are picturesque. When you wake up to sunlight amidst nature you feel the love twirling around. The rainbow butterflies resemble like carrying the greetings from meadows for a glorious day. And those acrobatic dragonflies remind you to be live in the very moment.

We enjoy our breakfast spread in the sun kissed garden. This place is just perfect to soak up some vitamin D with the freshly prepared delicacies.

2.Enjoy the Kerala Famous ‘Pazham Pori’

A plate of Pazham Pori is the seer happiness in true sense. The Kerala style Nadan Banana is user to make these fritters . Do no forget to pair with a cup of ‘Chaya’ . The chef at WinterVale has the best to offer when you ask for such authentic dishes.

3.Visit to Tea-Lake

Nothing beats a morning drive in Vagamon.
Winter vale is there to make the experience more pleasant. The safari ride through the sunkissed valleys fills your heart with elation. At every turn of hillary road you meet a bundle of joy.

I start collecting unknown feelings from  the artistic road through wild meadows. We are on our way to a tranquil paradise.

From a distance it resembles like the Mother Earth playing a crystal flute to amuse the cosmos.
Oh, it’s like a magical spell!
We run like a river to the sea.
Tea bushes start giggling at us, showing the way to the wood bridge for fairy garden. I start dancing with the wind while Sai priya is so engrossed in capturing moments.
Vagamon tea lake is around 20 minutes drive from the Wintervale.
If you love boating , there is pedal boats and motor boats at nominal price. But they charge a bomb if you want to take pictures with the DSLR . It’s surprisingly  INR 2500/-

4. Trek to witness the most gorgeous Sunset

What could be more soothing than watching sunset in crimson sky.
It’s even more harmonious when you watch it from Wintervale, a floating paradise.
We are sunset lovers.We can do anything for sighting the sun’s fiery kiss to the sky! The trekking through the wilderness fills our hearts with new hope. We are listening to the whispers of wild grasses. A swarm of dragonflies are singing the farewell song. We are astonished to see such beauty of Vagamon.
The trek starts from the Resort and takes around an hour.

5.Enjoy the traditional meal on a banana leaf

A blissful experience awaits once you arrive at WinterVale , Vagamon. You get to relish the most delicious Kerala Meal on a plantain leaf.  A mini sadhya was served on our plates. Pampadam, thoran , fish curry , fish fry , erissery are few to name.

The chef prepares  Karimeen Polichathu which is a flavour bomb. Wrapped in banana leaf , the fish is cooked with freshly prepared Masala paste. He uses the fresh spices from their garden.
Such gastronomic experiences always awestruck me. And you believe that Cooking is an art , nothing less !

6.Tea Plantation Walk

How about the story of Vagamon tea ?
The afternoon walk inside tea plantations of Wintervale connects us to roots.
I think ‘The vivid taste we get from tea leaves of different regions;
not because of climate condition but the blessings of the Mother earth bestowed upon.’
The aromatic breeze reminds us the presence of spice trees standing tall. We thank the universe enough for such a glorious day.
I can’t stop myself from plucking those lovely wild flowers and make a bouquet for Sai priya.
While Sai priya, the shutterbug  is busy in treasuring these moments.

7. Enjoy your Me time at the WinterVale’s Private Waterfall

Is it not graceful when you catch sight of waterfall amidst tea plantations.
Our hearts start chasing the rhythmic nodes of waterfall. Here we go, trekking down to greet Wintervale’s private waterfall. It’s just 15 mins walk from the resort.
Water carries memory. And we are marching ahead, through wild bushes and fern plants. It is a journey of a thousand memories, to sight glimpses of Waterfall.

Hope you enjoy reading our Vagamon diary. Stay connected at our Instagram handle @mycookingcanvas .
Wishing you a healthy Year.
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