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Best Home-stay in a Tea-Estate | Teanest Nightangle, Kotagiri

Ever spent a day in an old mansion in a Tea-Estate amidst the scenery of surpassing loveliness. Waking up to the chirping sounds of tiny birds in the morning. Watching the floating clouds enveloping across Mountain areas. We were lucky enough to experience a Dreamy Vacation at Teanest, Best Homestay in a Tea-Estate.

Best Home-stay in a Tea-Estate | Teanest Nightangle, Kotagiri

Best Home-stay in a Tea-Estate | Teanest Nightangle, Kotagiri

Best Home-stay in a Tea-Estate

Nature Resorts strive to create a world far from the city chaos. A world around the resort in which guests can get in touch with the simple joy. It makes vacations truly rewarding. Nature Resorts care for nature and the local communities. Teanest Nightangle is beautifully placed on Nature’s Canvas creating a magnificent postcard.

Teanest Nightangle has four rooms which can accommodate 12-15 people per day. The best choice for people those who want a Family Vacation. You can enjoy any aspects in and around the Resort. It gives you a true homely feeling.


The place derives its name from the Kota tribe, the artisan tribe of Nilgiris. ‘Kota-giri’ which means Kota’s Mountains. They are the earlier inhabitants of this region.

This is the right choice for those, who are looking for an off-beat place to relax. Those who want to connect with Nature.And happy to be far away from the city’s busy life.A perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore who loves road trips. A paradise for Tea lovers.

 Things To Do at Teanest, Kotagiri , Best Homestay in a Tea-Estate

  • Tea Plantation & Tea Pluckers:       

     The Resort is just middle of a Tea Estate which brings the opportunities to interact with Tea pluckers working there. They will greet you with a big broad smile but their hands won’t stop for a moment plucking those buds of tea.
    Their day ends with the final weighing of plucked teas as the sun sets. Then they are off to home.
    Unlike other parts of the country, tea in Nilgiris is grown throughout the year. The major auction center for Nilgiris tea is Coonoor which happens every week.    

  • Hammock Charm: Lazing in a hammock next to a Tea Plantation is what a perfect vacation sounds. The blue hammock is quite catchy here once you step out of the mansion.                  Soaking up the sun was the best part of my holidays. The nights were chilled enough which made me lazing in the hammock for some extra hours.  They have a good collection of books. If you are not an e-reader, then just grab one of your favorites from the shelf.

  • Relish Local Food: You gonna love the food here. Apart from Tea, they grow organic vegetables like carrots, beans, beetroots, garlic etc. Don’t miss the Mutton Curry at Teanest. I enjoyed with steamed rice.
    When you dine with a Tea Plantation view, the food tastes even more delicious. Isn’t it?
    You can start your day enjoying a leisurely breakfast with the sight of Blue Hills. Poha in the breakfast along with South-Indian mandatory dishes were truly delicious. It’s not an everyday affair that one gets a chance to sip Morning Tea in Best Homestay in a Tea-Estate.
    The experience itself was so enticing for me. I remember the count of my teacup in a day. It was around 5 to 6 times. It is perfectly acceptable when you are at Teanest!                       Best Home-stay in a Tea-Estate | Teanest Nightangle, Kotagiri                                                                                                    
  • Experience the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, UNESCO World Heritage Site 

In July 2005, Nilgiri Mountain Railway was added by UNESCO as an extension to the World Heritage Site of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. This site came to be known as mountain railways of India.  It connects Mettupalayam to Ooty via Coonoor. This is the only rack railway in India that has 250 bridges on the line with 16 tunnels.

The famous Hindi song Chaiyya Chaiyya from the film “Dil Se” featuring Shahrukh Khan was shot on the rooftop of this train.

To experience this Toy Train, you can book your ticket in advance at IRCTC site.

How to Reach Kotagiri

If you are driving from Bangalore , it will take 7-8 hours to reach here. Here is the route 

There are plenty of buses between Bangalore to Kotagiri.

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