Curry / Side-dish, Vegan

South-Indian Drumstick Curry | Murungakkai Kuzhambu

Perfectly balanced with fresh blend spices ,this preparation with green drumstick will surely win many hearts. Serve it with rice or as a side-dish to Dosa ,it will work wonderfully everywhere. You can also try with ven-pongal … Very first time i was introduced to this by my neighbor Aunt in Bangalore ,she is a Tamilian married to a Kannada. Very soft spoken and a good cook .On any festival day she used to invite me for the delicious South-Indian spread which she always cooks with great love .And this Drumstick dish was one of her best. To prepare this…

Curry / Side-dish, Vegan

Stuffed Okra

Aren’t these beautiful ,sometimes i think how magically God has crafted this beautiful earth ,so enchanting ,colorful…I thank the creator for blessing all those prepossessing elements of Nature i come across daily ,truly magical .And in Monsoon Nature became more lively with the touch of rain ,i just love that green all around.. Though i am not a big fan of lady’s finger ,but i love few recipes that Mom prepares. One of them is stuffed Lady’s Finger . You can see many variation in the spices that is stuffed into these green ..Mom uses a paste of mustard &…

Chutney / Dip / Condiments, Vegan

Spicy Tomato Dip

Being born & brought up in a region where choice of foods were so limited those days i was not much familiar with different cuisines of India ,but Dosa & Idli were known faces to me. And there was a south-Indian restaurant named “Sindhiya” in town which was the only place to go when you crave for a crispy Dosa. Soon after my Engineering when i moved to Bangalore , the real variety of South-Indian food come to my palate . I never missed any new dish during travelling different parts of South India. I remember while going to Hogenakkal…

Drinks, Vegan

Jamrul Spicy Sip

This fruit is known with many names , wax apple ,rose apple ,jambul ,water apple or simple Jamrul in Oriya. Here in Odisha mostly Jamruls are available which colors ranges from white to pale green. These bell shaped fruits are very pleasant to eyes which helps to improve blood sugar control .Rose Apple possess rich amount of iron, calcium, fiber, Vitamin C, protein and Vitamin A.

Drinks, Healthy, Vegan

Chukku Kappi

 What please you the most in a hot summer day ,of course an unexpected rain in early afternoon ,that pleasant smell of petrichor & to enjoy that moment a cup of Chukka Kappi is what you need. I tried this first time during my Monsoon trip to Wayanad, that beautiful town in Kerala surrounded by lush tea-garden.

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