Reen Luxury Resort Thekkady, Private Pool Villa inside a Cardamom Plantation

Travel gives you all kind of experiences. You will never be the same, having seen the moon, the stars, and the sun shine in different places .In the process of unwinding ,  you discover new aspects of life .Staying at Reen Luxury Resort Thekkady was such a blissful experience.

The journey is worth the destination,Isn’t it !

Let me take you across the mountains, through miles of spice forest. And here we are at Reen, where nature blends beautifully with luxury . 

What could have been a better place than Reen to rejuvenate our seeking souls. Where the sun fills our lungs with happiness. You feel lost in the breeze  of sweet cardamom . This resort is lodged in 13 acres of private estates, an enthralling green paradise.

The villa is at the end of the wooden bridge keeping the privacy at its best. Welcoming us promising accumulation of good times. 

Spacious room , elegant furniture greets us with warm hugs. Golden rays striking  through the wooden windows bring more warmth. A sliding glass door that opens up to a gorgeous infinity plunge pool.
The contemporary theme that steals our hearts at its first sight .Cozy white linens and the crisp wooden lines are promising an unforgettable stay. Every time we look at the walls, those black and white paintings entice you to be a story teller.

The sight that remains in my heart is the open sky bathroom. Beautifully curated taking care of all luxurious comfort .

A villa where hours pass in the blur of delight. Doing nothing gives you the best comfort there.

Eat Local Cuisine at Reen Luxury Resort Thekkady

You will be overjoyed with culinary skills of the chef. We relish all those local delicacies during our stay.

Upon request, they will get the fresh catch of the day from the local market. Fish fry is served in our lunch.
You can’t miss the flavourful Kerala style chicken Biriyani . We couldn’t resist ourselves asking for the extra serving.

You must try the Chicken Curry prepared with the fresh all spice leaves from the backyard. A new flavour to discover.

Things to do at Reen Resort Thekkady

A place that offers luxury with sustainability. It brings the nature even more closer to you. Waiting to be touched by your expressions.
I love waking up early to witness the golden hour. While Saswati enjoys the extra dose of sleep.
The first thing I ask for is a cup of Cardamom Chai. Those big leaves of Cardamom plant covered with dew waiting to be kissed by the golden rays .

A lot of activities to do while staying in this private estate, Reen Resort Thekkady

1. Breakfast in Cardamom Plantation 

We have a special fondness for outdoor breakfast.A beautiful setup awaits you among the Cardamom plants.

The chef prepares all those traditional delicacies from God’s own country, Kerala.
I loved the Idiyappam and Mutta roast. The soft rice noodles served on a banana leaf was enticing. We finished them in no time.

You must try pazham nirachathu which is a sweet prepared with Kerala Banana . Ripe banana stuffed with coconut and jaggery , a match made in heaven.

A plenty of choices wait for you for an amazing gastronomic experience at Reen Resort Thekkady.

2. Talk to a Cardamom Plucker at Reen Resort 

Reen Resorts is inside a 13 acres private cardamom estate. It is an overwhelming experience to sight the cardamom pluckers in action. Those women are conscientious. They know it very well that Cardamom needs the most sedulous care.
A grin breaks over their face as they felt noticed and captured in my camera. 

3. Take a Jeep Safari to KurishuMala

We are adventurous souls. Whether it’s a forest trail or trek to sight sunset, we don’t watch the clock. We just go with the flow.
A jeep ride to Kurishumala is a must while staying at Reen Resort.Its around 30 minutes drive from the Resort

You witness a 360 degree view of the western Ghat through a bed of floating clouds.

It’s famous as a trek point among the travellers . The cross at the summit has its own history tracing back to 1940.

4.Visit the Moongalaar Tea-Estate

It’s a mini bridge over a water body which leads to the velvety green carpet. There are a batch of women plucking those tender leaves that goes straight to the tea factory. It’s so fascinating to watch those skilled hands.

They greet you with an infectious smiles from a distance while their hands are playing around those green bushes.
Have you ever been to a Tea Factory ?

We got the chance during our trips to Munnar and Ooty . You must read those blogs.

 5.Spice Trail 

It’s the Roman era when the world realise the significance of spices. Kerala is the hub of many exotic spices. Black pepper is indigenous to Kerala.
Spices are game changer to a dish. You add the right amount at the right time and wait for the magic .It infuses aroma and flavours at the same time.
Thekkady owns the crown in producing the the queen of spices , green cardamom.

We went to Spice Route Ayurvedic & Spices garden in the Amaravathy village, two kilometers away from Kumily . Around 30 minutes drive form Reen Resort.
We spent an hour learning a lot about various Ayurvedic plants , spices etc. The guide makes the tour even interesting with folk tales .
Have you heard about Ambergris , whale vomit that costs 1 crore? It is used to make the costliest perfume .

We spent one of the evenings playing chess near the library .They have a good selection of books.

Library at Reen Resort Thekkady

Reen Resort Kerala

Hope you had a good span of time reading our beautiful experience at Reen Resort Thekkady. Greetings to you on National Tourism Day .

Stay safe , Stay Healthy .


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