Odisha Food Pop-Up in Bangalore by Home-chef SaiPriya

I showcased Odia delicacies at the Odisha Food Pop-up in Bangalore at Four Seasons Bangalore. This Pop-up was for two days where I cooked an array of Odia dishes for two days.

Odisha Food Pop-Up in Bangalore

A food pop-up is a temporary culinary experience that offers unique and often experimental dishes in unconventional locations. These ephemeral eateries provide a platform for chefs and home-chefs to showcase their creativity. It gives a chance to create memorable dining experiences.

I was born and brought up in a small town called Balasore in Odisha. I was always a curious child when it comes to food.  My mother is my first guru and the kitchen is our bonding place. While growing up , I learnt many such culinary wisdom from her in Odia cuisine .

I moved to Bangalore in the year of 2007. A paucity of Odia eateries in the city made me take up the task of making space for it. Eventually my love for cooking turned me into a home-chef. Its true happiness to cook and share homemade meals with others.

I have cooked for private events , parties and have been doing Odia food pop-ups since 2012. Here is an article about me that was published on New Indian Express.


Odisha Food Pop-up in Bangalore at Four Seasons Bangalore

A three days Odia Food Pop-up at Four Seasons Bangalore was an incredible experience for me. An array of Odia delicacies were showcased at the Buffet during Lunch and dinner.

Odisha Food Pop-up in Bangalore

Also I got the chance to cook a five-course meal for the exclusive¬† #DineWithRocky with the country’s beloved epicurean expert Rocky Mohan.

There was Dalma Shorba. Dalma is a traditional and beloved dish in Odia cuisine. It’s a delightful and nutritious preparation known for its simplicity and unique flavor. Dalma is essentially a one-pot meal featuring lentils and vegetables.

Mudhi Mansa, Dahivada Aloo dum , Macha Patrapoda are a few more to name.

Mudhi Mansa is a dish where the lamb shanks were served with puffed rice. It’s a very popular dish from Baripada ,Odisha. The unique combination will surely impress you if you get a chance to relish.

Odia Food Pop-Up in Bangalore

I served Ambula Pagaw sorbet as a palate cleanser.

Ambula is a traditional and iconic ingredient in Odia cuisine. Ambula refers to dried, raw mango slices or pieces, which are used extensively in Odia culinary preparations. Ambula adds a unique and tangy flavor to Odisha dishes.

The Dessert was the world famous Chenna poda, the cheesecake of Odisha. It was served with Malai crema and frozen yogurt.

Odisha Food Pop-Up in Bangalore

Odia Food Pop-Up in Bangalore
Ambula Pagaw Sorbet

You can contact me if you wish to relish Odia delicacies. I take order for small group or private events. I also cook Temple style food without Onion and Garlic.

Drop an email at mycookingcanvas@gmail.com.

You can also connect with me on Instagram 

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