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Three Best Beaches of North Goa

Have you ever thought if you could mark each scene you experienced with a green dot. Upon connecting those dots you would make a map to your travel recital! It is amazingly informative. Ahem, I just mark mine. I am beginning to trace the lines of my travel map. This post is about the Best Beaches of North Goa.

Arambol beach , North Goa

I can see dazzling waves of Arabian sea, and a white expanse of sands afront. The sky is wrapped in blue; and the sun is echoing through it. I wish if I was a dragonfly, I would go round and round till I could see the last ray of the sun.
Oh goody, I am at Arambol beach,a serene beach on the edge of North Goa. Anyways, words will fall short if I try to narrate its tranquility!

Mandrem beach

I am lodged at Amritara Aura Resort and Spa which about 5.1 km from Arambol beach. The Amritara Aura Resort is nestled amidst 4 acres of tropical forest orchards in North Goa. This 4-stars property is stationed in quaint village of Manderam; where serenity is well blended with luxury and modernism.
I choose my stay at cottage, a bit closer to wild flora next doors. A flock of spectacular birds are my sweet neighbors. Did I tell you that they sing melodic ? They are melodious cheerleaders I always wanna cling on.
Here I am at Mandrem beach, northernmost region of Goa.I see a splendid lining of swaying palm trees amidst white sands; perennial casurina trees bordering the sea. Soaking my legs in the water is my kinda spa I seek more and more. There is a small cliff partioning this Mandrem beach from Arambol beach. Strolling on its scenic shore during morning hours is spectacular.
Undoubtedly this is one of the best beaches of North Goa !

Morjim beach, one of the Best Beaches of North Goa

The clock is ticking; it is time for golden hours. I have to rush to Morjim beach which is labeled as Little Russia.  From restaurants to shacks you can see Russian nationals everywhere in Morjim. Also there are signboards in Russian language.
Have you ever pondered that who named all beaches in Goa. Every name holds a storyline, Isn’t it?
Here I tell you a legitimate story..
According to mythology, One day a local deity went to seashore for performing some rituals. Suddenly something glowy object caught his attention, a few moments later he realized that was a human body. He rushed into waves and rescued the girl from drowning. The deity was kind enough to give her a shelter in Morjim village. The transfiguration of that beautiful lad into  Goddess was miraculous.She is Goddess Morjai. Hence the word “Morjim” is derived from her name.
She is one of the Seven sisters and one brother, who are worshipped as Village deities by first
settlers of Goa.
Three Best Beaches of North Goa

Do not miss Sunset Sky at Morjim

Morjim beach is heaven for nature lover like me. You can spot out species like Sand Plover, Quill, Turnstones, Cuckoo, Kingfisher and Sandpipers.
“Here comes the Sun. Little darling” I am lipsing the famous song by legendary band Eagle while waiting for the blue sky to change its outfit. Oops! I mean his colors
A song makes waiting hour sweeter, Isn’t it ?
I am waiting for crimson canvas where the sun is gonna show its drama, the sundowner!
Let me grab a chair and a chilled beer, the heart throbbing sunset is to begin.
Do we need some music? Of course, we do! By the way what the gigantic waves are for. The waves of Arabian sea are casting a dazzling climax for the artists.
The sunset at Morjim is magical, a peaceful pause for your unstoppable mind.
To me the Sunset is like an interval in our ongoing movie.  titled as life where the next moments are unknown and unexpected. I wish to explore every unexplored  beach in Goa with my curious eyes.
I hold onto my curious eyes. A myriad of stories are gonna come on my way.

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