A day at Peace Pagoda “Dhauli”

I went for 3 week holidays to Bhubaneswar last month.And strangely I behave the most laziest girl as soon as i see my caring mom. I enjoyed long pampered days with delicious food by her .Non-stop chatting over cuppa of tea.Yes !! you are right she too loves tea anytime in a day like me .

This time we..me,mom and papa went “Dhauli Giri” to enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is world famous for the beautiful Shanti Stupa or peace pagoda .King Ashoka resorted to Buddhism soon after kalinga war and follow the path of peace.In repose he laid the foundation of this place.

8 km from Bhubaneswar town, it’s on the way to Bhubaneswar-puri highway.You can get easily bus,cab or even an auto rickshaw to this place. But there is no such eatery joint except some tea-stall and juice joints over there.It’s always better to pack some food if you plan to spend a little longer time.

There is a Shiva Temple next to it.And also Ashoka’s Rock edicts by the side of the road leading to the summit of the hill.

And i always love that sight of sun setting in between small mountains from Dhauli the most. Vibrant red and orange color striking widely across the bluish sky canvas create a magic in the spectator’s eyes..Stunning it was and i usually never miss this beauty whenever i visit my home.Even in my college days me and my sister used to go there frequently.The view of river Daya and greenery all around are breathtaking.



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