Curry / Side-dish, Healthy

Healthy Sprout Curry Recipe | A no Onion no Garlic Treat

Sprouts are the best thing to eat in Morning as it’s one of the best Metabolic Boosters. Do you know they contain a wealth of enzymes that usually aren’t available through food.Not only that Beyond that a significant amount of protein also available in sprouts which is the essential part of food necessary for almost all bodily processes, particularly the creation and maintenance of cells, bone growth, muscle development etc. Sprouts may refer to a number of different plant beans in the period of time after they begin to grow. The most common sprouts that people regularly use in cooking…


Crunchy Peanut

Its pouring heavily here since morning , that making me super lazy .All i want to sip chai with some crunchy peanut. Fried snacks are always enjoyed at their best on a rainy day ,isn’t it ! In my family we devour fried snacks with a happy heart always. I managed to go to nearby fish market in the morning when rain stopped for a while ,bought some mackerel & rohu ,prepared mackerel recheado fry for lunch too. Oh yes.. i plucked these beautiful flowers on my way back to home. Exotic acacia trees are always eye-catching when blossoms. I…

Bread / Rice, BreakFast

Pumpkin Thepla

Gujaratis are known for their love to travel & exceptional quest for food. Have you ever tasted a Gujarati meal ,that will offer you a blend of both sweet and spicy flavor with plethora of vegetarian dishes. Owing to it’s climatic variation use of yogurt, buttermilk, coconut, groundnut, gram-flour, sugar are staples in a typical Gujarati food preparation.They have simple food philosophy which is dominantly vegetarian . Today i will be sharing a Gujarati breakfast “Thepla” which are lightly spiced Indian flat bread with a long shelf-life.That’s the reason you can always find it in a traveler’s mandatory list ….


Dhaba Style Country-Chicken

Who is not fascinated by Dhaba’s food if set off on a road trip. Dhabas are the road-side eatery joints on Indian highways mostly comprise of one-shed building where you can enjoy the fresh prepared food sitting on cots. Food is very much pocket friendly and there is always a hint of local cuisine in the taste. I found a lot of Dhabas while travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh with some interesting names “Punjab di putar” ,”Sing da Dhaba”, “Sardarji Dhaba” ….And if you are making a plan in winter ,then i am sure you gonna to have the best…

Fish/Sea Food

“Chingudi Besara ” , An Authenticate Preparation with Prawn

Warm Greetings to all. Today the sun shines after a week long rain here .Whatever may be ,Bangalore climate has it’s own distinct charm ,pleasant always. Happy to share that recently i did a Christian Wedding photography assignment . It was my first experience to shoot a Christian bride in her gorgeous gown. Today i am sharing a recipe of my Mom’s ,an authenticate preparation with fresh Prawn.

Curry / Side-dish, Vegan

Indian Potato Curry Recipe | Aloo-Dum Recipe

Aloo-dum or dum-aloo , call it as you wish. This particular dish i am sharing today is the Alor dum that a bengali enjoy with loochi or as a spicy chat adding few common things to the dish like chopped fresh red-onion..lemon juice and black-salt etc.The same chat is famous in Orissa too. I remember in my school days , when a person used to sell this made of tiny baby potatoes , but that was cooked with very less spice. This recipe what my granny makes for us when we visit her.Being a bengali , she is a very…

Snacks, Street Food

Mumbai Style Sabudana Vada | Easy Sago Fritters Recipe

I was introduced to this amchi mumbai street-food in Bangalore.Those days watching theatre at Ranga-shankar was one of my favorite time-pass .The cafe there serves Sabudana vada with hot tea.After each play it’s a must to have them while catching theatre artists for little chit-chat. Those days were just amazing and sometimes i used to go alone also 🙂 After that sabudana vada became a common snacks at my home .A cloudy weather ,a cup of Masala chai with some hot vadas ..what can i ask more !!

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