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Punjabi kale Chole

If you are in Punjab ,you will find hardly any restaurant who doesn’t serve chole. And the combination of Chole bhature is quite a popular dish in North-India. During my stay in Delhi , i used to enjoy a lot this dish at Haldiram restaurant. They serve this dish with pickled chili & a piece of spicy paneer on top. Today sharing kale chole recipe which can be prepared on a festive season when people opt to eat food without Onion-garlic. And it’s really chatpata in taste tingling your taste bud.


Dhaba Style Country-Chicken

Who is not fascinated by Dhaba’s food if set off on a road trip. Dhabas are the road-side eatery joints on Indian highways mostly comprise of one-shed building where you can enjoy the fresh prepared food sitting on cots. Food is very much pocket friendly and there is always a hint of local cuisine in the taste. I found a lot of Dhabas while travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh with some interesting names “Punjab di putar” ,”Sing da Dhaba”, “Sardarji Dhaba” ….And if you are making a plan in winter ,then i am sure you gonna to have the best…

Desserts, Indian Festive Food


Mangoes are back, local market is flooded with these golden yellow toned fruits.The fragrance of a ripe mango will surely take your breath . And who doesn’t love this fruit !! It’s a blessing from Nature ,rich in minerals,vitamins these are excellent source of antioxidants too. Aam-ras is nothing but the puree of these Mangoes flavored with cardamom ,dry-ginger (sunthi) etc This is very popular in western Indian states of Maharashtra ,Gujrat & Rajasthan.

Cheese, Desserts, Indian Festive Food

Rasagolla ,Queen of Desserts

The festive season brings a spirit of celebrating life with changing rhythm of the seasons. After the two day celebration of Holi ,it’s time for dyeing Easter eggs. Easter is the time when nature begins to awaken .Summer breeze starts it’s effect on our body . It’s difficult to get out in the sun these days ,making me to wait eagerly for the evening air to arrive .

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