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Spring-Onion Chicken

To me Flower is Happiness.. the most beautiful creation on earth.You can’t stop giggling with sheer delight whether you receive a bunch of roses or a stick of orchid. Amazingly it add beauty and perfection to your picture frame.You can’t deny this.To spread happiness, i am celebrating Month of Feb as Flower Month .I will be posting click of these bundle of joys everyday for whole month.Stay tuned to LadysPhinger Page on Facebook …Starting on Feb 1st 🙂

Let’s move to our dish. Today recipe’s showstopper is spring onion.I was so bored of having non-veg gravies for last few days and wanted something crispy,full of flavor which i can enjoy without any side-dish.You may count it as a starter but for me this was my lunch 😉

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Spring-Onion Chicken
  1. Marinade chicken with ginger-garlic paste, soya sauce,pepper powder (1 tsp), red chili paste and salt for 4-6 hour.
  2. Take a wok and heat oil. Add chicken and saute it at high flame for 5-10 min.Sprinkle red chili powder and mix it well.Add vinegar and give a good stir.Once it's almost done add sliced garlic and tomato sauce, cook for 2 min.Add chopped spring onion ,1 tsp black pepper powder and saute again for 2 min at high flame.Adjust salt.
  3. Chicken is ready. Serve hot with a good garnish.
  4. Note : Soya sauce has salt in it.So be careful while adding salt to your dish.
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