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Jamrul Spicy Sip

This fruit is known with many names , wax apple ,rose apple ,jambul ,water apple or simple Jamrul in Oriya. Here in Odisha mostly Jamruls are available which colors ranges from white to pale green. These bell shaped fruits are very pleasant to eyes which helps to improve blood sugar control .Rose Apple possess rich amount of iron, calcium, fiber, Vitamin C, protein and Vitamin A.

Drinks, Healthy, Vegan

Chukku Kappi

 What please you the most in a hot summer day ,of course an unexpected rain in early afternoon ,that pleasant smell of petrichor & to enjoy that moment a cup of Chukka Kappi is what you need. I tried this first time during my Monsoon trip to Wayanad, that beautiful town in Kerala surrounded by lush tea-garden.

Bread / Rice

Pakhala ,a Summer Soul Food

“Pakhala” For many of you this word must be out of your food dictionary. This is an authentic preparation from Odisha to get rid from the Scorching summer heat. A soul food for Odias which is found almost in every house on a Summer Day. I have been asked by many people about this.You can find this dish at Puri Jagannath temple though it’s not a part of offerings to Lord Jagannath. How it’s prepared ?

Fish/Sea Food

Hinga-Sungta ,A Konkani delicacy

Konkan region ,the vast 720km long coastline in the state of Maharastra, Goa & Karnatak has a lot of diversity in their cuisine. Evolved from local produce like rice,lentils,coconut,red-chilis,sea-food ..Konkani Cuisine is one of the popular cuisine in India now. Mostly they are dairy free with the use of fresh coconut milk in an endless combination with different spices. The fresh made Masalas give true essence to a konkani dish .

Bread / Rice, Vegan

Green Chickpeas Rice

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens~ I am in love with Delhi climate these days..With arrival of spring the land awakening with it’s morning glow.Green ,the color of nature brings freshness, and fertility to earth.I enjoy buying fresh veggies from local market that occurs every evening just a kilometer distance from my house.And these fresh green chickpeas took away my sight as i entered that long stretched vegetables crowd day before yesterday .My childhood memory…


Spring-Onion Chicken

To me Flower is Happiness.. the most beautiful creation on earth.You can’t stop giggling with sheer delight whether you receive a bunch of roses or a stick of orchid. Amazingly it add beauty and perfection to your picture frame.You can’t deny this.To spread happiness, i am celebrating Month of Feb as Flower Month .I will be posting click of these bundle of joys everyday for whole month.Stay tuned to LadysPhinger Page on Facebook …Starting on Feb 1st 🙂 Let’s move to our dish. Today recipe’s showstopper is spring onion.I was so bored of having non-veg gravies for last few days…

Chicken/Meat, Snacks

Shami kebab with Yogurt dip

People who love to eat are always the best people ~Julia Child~ The wait period when you know something cooking delicious in your kitchen makes you even more hungry !! That’s what i observed in my husband case 🙂 You start drooling literally when you being greeted with the fragrance of golden fried shami kebabs. Shami kebab is a popular snack in Pakistan which is traditionally made with beef.But beef can be replaced by chicken or lamb.I prefer my kebab with yogurt dip , the best condiment for me and very easy to prepare when your mind is in real…


Chicken in Rosemary-Orange Sauce

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. ~Roger Miller~ This was the moment i was waiting for..the fresh breeze ,the black clouds changing the color of the sky!! Oh!! I am in love with rain since my birth,may be the reason behind is , i born in a rainy day 😉 Exactly i couldn’t find how the glimpse of rain drops make me so cheerful emotionally.

Chicken/Meat, Curry / Side-dish

Garhwali Style Chicken Curry

To escape from Delhi heat we planned weekend break to Lansdowne ,a small cleaned town in Uttrakhand .A place to enjoy the nature with delicious food 🙂 The traditional cuisine there are simple to prepare and at the same time appealing to the palate. After the morning delicious breakfast ,I asked the cook to prepare something traditional.It was friday and crowd was little less.As soon as he agreed ,i put another condition.Guess What?? I wanted to cook myself with his help .He agreed to that 🙂 !! It was quite enjoyable for me to cook on holiday and the result…

Salad & Soup

Healthy colorful Salad

With summer arrival and being shifted from Bangalore to Delhi ,i am finding myself more to rely on salads these days. This simple recipe includes veggies which are easily available at any place in india these days. Let me tell you about the ingredients first and their health benefits. Beets are a wonderful tonic for the liver, works as a purifier for the blood, and prevent various forms of cancer and high blood pressure.Beets are high in fiber, phosphorus, iron,vitamins A, B & beta-carotene, beta-cyanine,folic acid. C which Unriped Mangoes are best for summer that protects the body from the…

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