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Instant Gulkand kalakand Recipe | Instant Milk Cake Recipe by My Cooking Canvas

Sharing Instant Gulkand Kalakand Recipe which is super delicious. This Instant Milkcake Recipe is easy to make with a few ingredients.

Any celebration in India is incomplete without a sweet ,While the fishermen prepare “sweet coconut rice” to celebrate Coconut festival ,Rakhi is celebrated with variety of sweets which a sister feeds her brother after tying the thread.

Gulkand kalakand is a festive Indian dessert.The traditional process is really long and needs a lot of time. But this instant process makes life easy.

Instant Gulkand Kalakand Recipe

What is Gulkand 
Gulkand is rose petals preserve.The preserve is prepared adding Pink Rose petals with Sugar or Honey. This helps to cool your body . It is good for people having acidity problems.
The Inntense flavour of Gulkand brings a distinct flavour to Kalakand. A perfect festive dessert for your family and loved ones.

I have used Paneer which is cottage cheese. You can use store bought Paneer which is easily available . You can also make Chenna at home using Milk.
Curdle Milk with Lemon Juice or Fruit Vinegar . Separate the Chenna from whey using a Muslim cloth. Wash it twice under running water to remove the sourness. It is important if you are using homemade Chenna.
Squeeze the water out before using in Instant Gulkand Kalakand Recipe.
you can hang the cloth for an hour to remove the water.
You may like to check the Recipe for Best Indian Cheesecake Chenna Poda 

Instant Milk Cake Recipe

To make instantly, use Paneer. There won’t be in any difference in taste. Condensed milk adds the richness to the Dessert.

Do not calories when you having that. Indian Desserts are blessed with calories. That’s why we only relish them on Festivals.
I have used Milkmaid here.As the sweetness is enough in that , I have not added Sugar . If you using homemade Condensed Milk ( Sugarless) , then you need to add Sugar for the sweetness.
I have added Green Pistachios here .

You can add Almonds or any other Dry fruits of your choice. You can add Saffron for extra flavour.

Print Recipe
Gulkand kalakand
Milk Cake Recipe
Course dessert
Cuisine north indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Passive Time 40 minutes
Course dessert
Cuisine north indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Passive Time 40 minutes
Milk Cake Recipe
  1. Mash the paneer well if you are using store bought. If u making at home then be sure you drain the water completely from the cottage cheese.
  2. Now in a pan add this paneer ,condensed milk ,milk powder and cook on slow flame.Stir continuously for 10 minute.
  3. Add gulkand and cook for another 10 to 15 minute till the mixture is thick.
  4. Add cardamom powder and mix once.Switch off the flame.
  5. Grease a plate with ghee and spread the mixture on the plate.
  6. Let it cool a bit, when it's warm cut into square sizes.Garnish with chopped almond and let them cool completely.
  7. You can store in a container for 2 to 3 days.
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