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Nag Tibba Solo Trek | The Gypsy Girl who fell in Love with Nag Tibba

Hello Readers, let me introduce my Travel Partner Saswati who fell in love with Nag Tibba. Saswati, the Gypsy Girl who loves to explore the unexplored Roads.She loves to talk to Mountains hours and hours. She is a vivid traveller, a story-teller.This post is about her Solo Trip to Nag Tibba.Over to Saswati…

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.~ Lewis Carroll


I am Saswati and here is my story of overcoming solo travel fear.The bug of Travelling a new place always bites me but Travelling Solo was in my Bucket List for a long time. Finally, I got the strength to overcome that Fear.I packed my bag, tied lace of my shoes to start my adventurous Journey to Nag Tibba.

How to Reach Nag Tibba

I was out of the toxicated arena of City-life.The moment I reached Naag Tibba, I was more lively. The musical rhymes of water streams are so crisp to ears.I was closer to the soul within ….

Nag Tibba in the hinterlands of Garhwal is a beautiful trekking destination With 9,915 ft maximum altitude.It is a less explored trekking route near Mussoorie. Garhwal Himalayas are the of Nag Tibba and this is the highest peak in the Himalayan range.

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After I reached Jolly Grant Airport by Air from Bangalore, the next thing I searched for a local taxi to reach Dehradun City.It took me an hour. That night I spent in Dehradun exploring the local food and Indira market.I found a Bengali sweet shop where I couldn’t resist myself of trying Rasagolla and Sondesh. I took my dinner at the guest-house where I spent my night.

The next Morning I took a walk to boost up my day with a local breakfast.And settled down with Aloo-Paratha and Chai.Next thing was to start my awaited journey to Pantwari village.The only possible way to reach Pantwari village is travel by local taxi which was mindblowing.

Dehradun-Masoori High way- Pantwari –> approx. 95 km (3-hour journey)

It was drizzling whole day, making the ride memorable.The breath-taking sights,90’s songs and chit chat with pahadi co-riders made my journey interesting. As soon as I reached Pantwari Village, checked into a food-joint near Taxi-stand.Had a plate of delicious Hot momos.And a cup of coffee to cheer me up for the long trek of 5 km!

Late afternoon I started my trek, with a villager who stays in Garhwali Village Up-hills.This trek is perfect for a beginner too.The trek turned out really adventurous when the rain started pouring heavily.It took me 3 hours to reach the Goat-Village in Nag Tibba. It was around 9 pm when I stepped into the Guest-House at Goat village.

The guest-house run by The Green People. A place to stay in Garhwali cottage experiencing the local way of life.There is no electricity but you won’t ever feel the need of that.Solar lanterns are there to lit up.I relished my candlelight dinner with the mountains.What a perfect date 🙂

   Things to Do in Nag Tibba
  • A place to rejuvenate your mind and soul.Lose yourself in Nature and find Peace.Don’t miss to witness the Gorgeous sky during Sunrise and Sunset.One of my imperishable experiences so far.A few things which cannot be ever captured in a Camera.It is Said ‘The best view comes after the Hardest Climb’
  • Oh! Darling, let’s be adventurous. Escape to the Unknown. There is a lot to explore there.Take a walk to the near village.You will be amazed to see the Simplicity in them.The alluring slate-roofed cottages are the unique way of making a house by Gharwali People.Live a Garwhali Life.
  • Trek to Nag Tibba highest peak which is around 3 km trek from Goat-Village.You will witness the beauty of pine forests, the blue mountain-sky and mountain brooks with no habitation.This trek can be done throughout the winter season when most of the treks in higher Himalayan ranges are closed.

Let’s go on a gastronomic affair.I stayed there for a week.My breakfast was millet dosa with a cup of hot lemongrass tea.They locally grow vegetables and millets. The Nutritious and Gluten Free Ramdana (Amarnath) is used extensively in the food to make curry ,laddo (sweet) etc.I tried red-pumpkin juice, halwa (dessert) and curry.

I visited local farmlands and tried my hands on farming.The sight of Ramdana plant was amazingly colourful. The fun was to pluck vegetables from the backyard of the guest-house for the lunch.

The time came to say a Good-Bye to these pahadi people, I was a changed person.Travel is the only thing which gives you all sorts of experiences, to have a new and different Sun. And you find yourself a new YOU after each Travel.

“And I felt, in the silence that followed, everything that had happened on the trip to bring me to Nag Tibba.”

Hope you enjoy reading my Solo Travel Story.Stay tuned to our Instagram page MyCookingCanvas for more live updates.

P.S. All pictures are clicked with Redmi Note4



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