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Amway launched its Herbal ranges firming up their commitment to the Indian market. For years, Nutrilite has been the trusted name when it came to nutrition supplements. The Herbal range is specifically developed using Indian traditional herbs keeping in mind the nutritional requirement of Indian people. 

Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me.Last week I was invited to Amway Bloggers Meet in Bangalore.


Traditional Herbs Range reiterates Amway’s commitment to Govt.’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.These new ranges bring together the Best of Nature & Best of Traditional Wisdom.

Cari F. Rehnborg, the founder of Nutrilite pioneered the study of plant nutrition and nutrients. Nutrilite combines the vast traditional knowledge of herbs with available scientific data to create their wonderful herbal products.

Four Amway Nutrilite Herbal Products 


It helps to calm the nervous system improving the energy level. It Can Reduce Blood Sugar Levels. It helps to ease Stress and Anxiety. It May Reduce Symptoms of Depression.This product supports your Vitality in a Natural way without any side-effect.


Everyone is familiar with this herb since childhood. The Anti-Oxidant property of Tulsi is good to treat a Sore Throat and cold. One tablet a day gonna help you to Support your Immune System Naturally.



A traditional herb native to India which acts as a memory enhancer.It helps in improving attention & concentration.So this product helps to Support your Mental Agility Naturally.

4.Amalaki,Vibhitaki & Haritaki

It helps to support your digestion Naturally.This herb is very effective in improving colon healthy by detoxifying and cleansing the body. The laxative properties in it help to reduce hyperacidity.It helps in improving appetite too.

What Makes Nutrilite Herbal Ranges Stand Apart from the Rest in Market

  • DNA fingerprinted Herbs: It helps in identifying the right species for assured potency.
  • Certified Organic Herbs: They source herbs from the farms which are Organic Certified in India
  • NON-GMO Range: They bring the goodness of natural herbs provided by Mother Nature
  • Active Ingredients: The efficacy of Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range lies in its high concentration of                                      beneficial active ingredients
  • LEED GOLD CERTIFICATION: Manufacturing plant follows current Good Manufacturing                                                                         Practices which assures the safety and highest quality.
  • Nutraceutical GuideLines Compliant: Their Products are formulated and manufactured within the                                                                   ambit of the Nutraceutical Guidelines laid out by FSSAI

Amway follow the Right Steps to get the Right Products. Starting from right Seeds, right Farm, Right Process to The Right Product. Lab testing confirms the non-GMO nature of the seeds for growing the herbs which go to Organic Farm.Right quantity of active ingredients ensured validated analytical methods.Right quantity of active ingredients ensured in the product to provide the desired benefit of herbs.

Do try these Herbs which are “Best of Nature, Best of Science & Best of Traditional Wisdom”

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