Stay like A Queen at Evolve Back Resort ,Hampi

Evolve Back Resort Hampi is a seamless fusion of the past with the present. 

Step into the world of refined luxury and holistic healing .”Evolve Back Resort, Hampi” will never fail to take you back to the Glorious days of Vijayanagar Empire. It is the finest example of the notable architecture of Vijayanagar. The magnificent Kamalapura Palace, a world-class five-star resort which speaks volumes about the experience that awaits you. It just located 4 km from UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi

Evolve Back Resort

It’s truly gracious.The moment you step into this huge property through the fort like entrance, you are totally exported to a different era. Cheerful staffs dressed in ethnic-wear greet you with flowers in a traditional way. They welcomed with a coconut milk drink and dates. This place reflects the magnificence of the Vijayanagara Empire in every aspect. The true essence of luxury!

Evolve Back Resort, Hampi

Bangalore – Hampi (350 km by road). A seven hours journey by car.

There is flight service from Bangalore to Jindal Vijaynagar Airport in Vidyanagar, which is an hour’s drive from Hampi.

SUITES of Evolve Back Resort, Hampi

Evolve Back Resort, Hampi offers four categories of expansive yet intimate villas, each with its own attentive discreet service and bespoke facilities. The perfect fusion of historical elegance with modern luxury. Every suite of the property offers unobstructed views.

I felt like a Queen when opened the door of my villa, Nilaya Suite.The best part is the in-room Jacuzzi overlooking a private terrace.This spacious suite offers separate living, dining and sleeping areas with several facilities.It is occupied with handcrafted Luxury Furniture, the grandiose mirror that brings an opulent Comfort. The vintage look is perfectly complimenting the mind-blowing interiors.

I settled myself at Nilaya Suite for next three days for an unhurried living. My evening started with a cup of green tea at the private balcony.Golden colors scattered over the blue sky welcoming the sunset.And that sight from my private balcony filled me up with joy.Soon the flute tune broke the silence of the evening, that moment was magical! It detoxified my tiredness and insisted me to take a walk towards the Infinity pool.

Stay like A Queen at Evolve Back Resort ,Hampi | Property ReviewStay like A Queen at Evolve Back Resort ,Hampi | Property Review

Jal Mahal

The Jal Mahal suite is a reflection of Vijayanagara architecture at its luxurious best. It is inspired by the Water Palace within the Zenana Enclosure.This has a royal sized bath with its own open courtyards.It is the best suite for couples celebrating a special occasion.

Evolve Back Resort, Hampi

Nivasa Suite is a spacious room with separate living, sleeping and dining areas. These elegantly designed suites come with a balcony with a private Jacuzzi.

Zenana Suite, the most luxurious suite in the main palace building is inspired by the Queen’s quarters. It has separate living, dining and sleeping areas. These spacious suites have their own private balcony and,  a private Jacuzzi in the en-suite bathroom.

The night view of the resort is breath-taking.The Kamalapura Palace got lightened beautifully with mashal wall-lamps, candles and hanging lanterns.The Infinity pool was equally attractive with the arrangements of lanterns and their reflections.


I love lights…Whether it’s Lamp or Lantern, Diya or Candle, the source doesn’t matter! What matters is the beauty of the night. it shows to me~

The center of attraction of Evolve Back resort is Deep Mahal.This place soothes your senses and soul with soft lights of Diyas.The Silence that makes you alive.The artistic patterns on the walls took my attention.It enlivened my evenings with the storytelling session by the Historian.A glass of coffee-wine keeps you amused. And you will feel as if you are in the 14th century.The coffee-wine, I tried was from Coorg which was titillating.

Evolve Back Resort, HampiStay like A Queen at Evolve Back Resort ,Hampi | Property Review


Evolve Back Resort, Hampi got two pools. One is Family Pool and the other one is Infinity Pool.Family Pool is a place to relax and laze round in clear azure waters. It has a special child-safe zone.There is an activity center next to the pool where you can play some interesting games.They tried to implement mythological stories into the indoor game-sets.

Evolve Back Resort

The very next day I went to the exclusive Infinity Pool.This Olympic sized pool was inspired by the aqueduct fed Pushkarni or temple tanks of the Vijayanagara Empire. The tranquillity of this place is the best part of it. A place to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.


There is a Reading Lounge for book lovers.An attractive reading space in the lotus palace. Lean back in a  vintage chair in comfort with your favorite book.They have a pretty good collection of coffee table books. I indulged in a cup of cappuccino brewed from Sidapur, the signature house brand.

I truly appreciate the hotel’s dedication in delivering handcrafted luxury services during the stay. They take care of every comfort of their guest. This is a place for those seeking the exclusive, the exotic, and the elegant in all things. Also experiencing the Vijayanagar culture in a luxurious way. Be it your romantic escapade or a family holiday, this place has everything to make your stay the most memorable one.

Evolve Back Resort, Hampi

Stay like A Queen at Evolve Back Resort ,Hampi | Property Review

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