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Last Minute Diwali Party Idea

Diwali celebration has started with Choti-Diwali (mini Diwali) today.Tomorrow will be the main celebration with festive foods & colorful lights.

Last Minute Diwali Party Idea

Many are there  who are last-minute party planners. So here I came with a Dinner Menu that you can cook in just 2 hours.I am not kidding.You can actually do that.

You will love this menu for sure. There is Pakodi Chaat which can be served before Dinner. Post that you can serve delicious Gulkand Kalakand.

Gulkand kalakand

Pakodi Chaat Recipe | Crispy Fritters Chaat at Home

There is Kanika ,a festive preparation from Odisha. This is my Mom’s recipe.To compliment Kanika there is Murungakkai Kuzhambu. At the end Kheer,the rice pudding. Serve the kheer warm or cold.The choice is your.

KANIKA ,A Sweet Rice from Temples of Odisha /Guest Post

Easy Kheer Recipe ,the creamy concoction



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