Tea Day Celebration at Vivanta by Taj

Tea does our fancy aid, Repress those vapors which the head invade, And keeps that palace of the soul serene. ~Edmund Waller

I was invited by Tata Global Beverages to be part of their International Tea Day celebration at Vivanta by Taj, MG Road.It was a brunch during Christmas season.


I am a Teaholic.Rather you can say a tea-addict.My day is structured with 4 to 5 cups of tea always.I love smoky tea. Earl-grey, smoked pinewood are few of my favorite. Dum-chai or cutting-chai is always my travel partner as soon as I hit the road.

International Tea day celebration is all about Tea. A brunch which was crafted by chefs of Taj. It was quite amazing to me, as I walk around the pool-side where there were foods beautifully presented in a festive theme.Afterall It was International Tea-Day celebration.There was Tea in everything, starting from soup to cocktail.

The above is a berry based tea cocktail.I started my brunch with this sexy cocktail and some sea-food starters. There were King prawns braised in tea and herbs, pan seared fish fillet with tea and galangal veloute .

Fusion is the way where you can showcase your creative culinary skills. Chef Arjun was the man behind all those tea-based dishes. He had nailed in creating a Tea brunch for all of us. Not only that we got a chance to understand the science behind infusing tea into dishes. He imparted a great deal of knowledge about fusion & flavors.

There was green-tea chicken soup to start with. At the carving station, there was roast pork leg.It was soaked in tea brine and braised for 12 hours resulting in an amazing flavor. Tea poached chicken breast with malai tea sauce was so delicious in each bite.

I tried another whiskey-based cocktail infused with tea liquor. You can see pictures below.


There was chaat center which was catchy enough with their desi setup. India is known for it’s colorful street-foods. And panipuri is the king among them. How could I miss to taste a few!

Next thing I tried was some green Thai curry with sticky rice,one of the best preparation so far. It was intensely flavorful and a comforter in the main course section.

It was dessert at the end. There was an ample number of choices in that.13 desserts which were prepared by expert chefs infusing the Tea.Earl-grey was the hero which was infused in most of the desserts. I tried green tea rasagolla where Tata Green tea was used. Rasagolla was soaked in a green tea based sugar syrup which got slowly melted in mouth.

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.” At the end, I sipped a cup of Teaveda with my blogger friend Natasha to end the brunch with a sweet note.. A Happy Tea Day to be cherished!







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