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KANIKA ,A Sweet Rice from Temples of Odisha /Guest Post

Kanika is a temple food from Jagannath Dham ,Puri. A sweet fragrant rice from Odisha.

I have shared this recipe as a Guest-post at Priya Shiva blog priyakitchenette .

Priya Shiva is a known name in the blogging world. We both share a friendship bond since a long time. She is an author, photographer, recipe writer and editor at her blog. She believes that Food is for the body and travel is for the soul. She shares travel stories too.

When Priya asked me for this guest post ,I din’t think twice and happily agrees. I am glad that she gave a chance to interact her readers. You can check the Kanika recipe at her page which I have learnt from my Mom  .

Here is the link to her page recipe

Don’t forget to read all those delicious recipes she has shared in her page. I have tried out many of them as they truly have an essence of tradition and culture.

  1. Priya says

    Thank you Sai ..cheers to friendship <3

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