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Punjabi kale Chole

If you are in Punjab ,you will find hardly any restaurant who doesn’t serve chole. And the combination of Chole bhature is quite a popular dish in North-India. During my stay in Delhi , i used to enjoy a lot this dish at Haldiram restaurant. They serve this dish with pickled chili & a piece of spicy paneer on top. Today sharing kale chole recipe which can be prepared on a festive season when people opt to eat food without Onion-garlic. And it’s really chatpata in taste tingling your taste bud.

Fish/Sea Food

Kashmiri Fish dish Recipe | How to make Gaad-Nadur

India is a land of great cultural diversity,tradition and at the same time different cuisines each having their own dignity to survive. Each cuisine has a different story to signify the method they follow.Such an unique among them is Kashmiri Cuisine which is heavenly in look and taste.The rich, redolent dishes steeped in traditions are known to be a blend of three different cooking styles – that of Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims and Mughals. I picked Fish and made a classy dish called “Gaad-Nadur” which is Served on festivals and occasions among kashmiri people. Fish is cooked with lotus stems (Nadur…


Indian Masala Chai Recipe | Indian Spiced Tea

I am a tea-lover..Let me confess this truth in this valentine season . May be i have tasted around 20-30 variety so far or may be more. The last interesting variety i tried at Sydney which was really soothing with a strong flavor of fresh bamboo-shoot. But when on Indian highways i always enjoy the road-side tea ,cutting-chai . I always keep on adding some flavor to my chai, a bay leaf or a dash of my “Masala-Tea” powder. Don’t you like your tea with some extra kick to sooth your own mood 🙂 I am sure your cuppa will…

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