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Indian Masala Chai Recipe | Indian Spiced Tea

Indian Masala Chai Recipe

Have you ever went on Road trips in India. I just love doing that. It’s not always the destination ,the journey too creates a Memory. The sight of Chai-stall (Tea-shop) is the quite common on Indian Roads.Whether it’s Kerala or Himachal Pradesh ,Chai is everywhere. Sometimes Masala Tea too.


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Masala Tea
  1. Dry roast all above for a minute only till you get the aroma .Cool it and make a fine powder of the mixture.Store it in a air-tight box for a long run.
  2. To make two cup of masala tea add 1/2 tsp masala powder.To get more flavor add fresh grated ginger with that while making your tea decoction (1/2 tsp ginger for one cup).
  1. Eleonora says

    I have to try making this at home. I love masala chai!

  2. ladysphinger says

    Thanks for dropping by.Let me know your feedback after trying 🙂

  3. Eleonora says

    Will do my lady! I don’t know about you, I get into ‘moods’…have weeks I only want this particular tea or drink, then get over it and get into something else… hehe hard to explain. But as soon as I am in masala, I will probably blog about it 😉

  4. ladysphinger says

    I will be waiting..Well i am also moody in choosing my tea 🙂

  5. mrkk08 says

    Serve hot with kasundi (bengali mustard sauce) or simply with tomato ketchup. I like to have with my Masala Tea.

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