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Amazing Food at Big Pitcher ,Bangalore

Big Pitcher, a plush building is one of the best in town for all kind of crowd.It houses bar, pub, microbrewery, fine-dining, discotheque.Located on the old-airport street, this place is close to Indiranagar as well as well connected to other parts of the city.A place to have a perfect Family & Friends time.

A few weeks back, I got the chance to taste the newly launched menu.It was quite innovative.The fascinating part of the new menu is the accuracy of the flavors.

On a Saturday afternoon, I finally reached this place that gave me a relaxed vibe as soon as I stepped in.The first thing I ordered their home-brewed beer samplers.And my personal favorite was Kingslayer, a German wheat beer brewed with dark malts to a high strength.A combination of caramel, spicy clove-like phenols, light banana combined with a powerful aroma of dark plums.One of the most intense beers they brew.

Coming to the menu, it has a range of dishes elaborately curated. I tried my hands on a few interesting dishes.The first dish arrived was the Seafood Chowder.It was utterly delicious.The thick creamy soup loaded with seafood was quite addictive.

“Kakori Kebab”, these melt-in-mouth kebabs were perfectly balanced with a range of Indian seasoning. Along with that, I tried their Desi Cocktails.That was a whiskey-based cocktail spiced with chili & cucumber.Loved it!

Amazing Food at Big Pitcher ,Bangalore

This was the best so far.The note of green-chili flavor was bringing a distinct flavor altogether.

Amazing Food at Big Pitcher ,Bangalore
Paneer Seekh

I enjoyed the great tasting Caesar salad topped with olives, cherry tomato.A hearty and healthy spin!

Amazing Food at Big Pitcher ,Bangalore

The beef spiral stuffed with cheese & mushrooms served in small bites in the form of “Roulade”.The colorful pepper sauce was creating a drama on the table.The sight itself is enough to tempt you. It was beautifully presented by the chef.Amazing Food at Big Pitcher ,Bangalore

This was the show-stopper to me.The chef has done a great job.Thin corn pancakes wrapped around grilled asparagus was topped with cream cheese sauce.Happiness in every bite of it. One should not miss this.

Amazing Food at Big Pitcher ,Bangalore

Amazing Food at Big Pitcher ,Bangalore

A slice of Cake is the perfect way to complete a great lunch.And it was “Double Caramel baked cheese-cake”.I tried tiramisu too.

This place has a rooftop dining space, Star Lounge.You can enjoy a magical dinning experience there.  Club Kahuna is a hot exciting pub which is wild, charming with some of best performances by artists and DJs.And if you are looking for a live grill with unlimited food and beer, then you must go to their Sizzling Street floor.A perfect place to host your family events too.

And not to be missed ‘The Flaming Big Pitcher’ ,a monster from the bar.It is served with flair and heightens when brandy is poured over it and then it is lit into a flaming masterpiece.The endmost experience at Big Pitcher that blew my mind

Amazing Food at Big Pitcher ,Bangalore

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