5 Awesome Things to do in Yercaud

Yercaud is a destination for a must visit! This Hillery beauty, located in Salem District of Tamil Nadu is an enchanting holiday spot in the Eastern Ghats. These five things to do in Yercaud during your trip.

It’s 30th of December 2017…Time to create a new travel Story. And Bullet trip is the perfect mode, I am always ready for. It was a time for a thrilling ride to Yercaud, a hill station in the lap of Servarayan hills.

5 Awesome Things to do in Yercaud

5 Awesome Things to do in Yercaud
Things to do in Yercaud

Yercaud is known for its plantations, majorly coffee, orange, jackfruit, guava, cardamom and black pepper. Coffee is the main produce which was brought by the Scottish Collector Mr. M. D. Cockburn in 1820 from Africa.Thanks to Mr. Cockburn for that 🙂

It is a land of contrasts with crisp weather, peaceful temples, gorgeous lake, and beautiful wildflowers. This summer, plan an escape to this heavenly abode.

1. 32-km Loop Road

The distance from Salem to yercaud is around 32km where you have to cross 20 hairpin bends in Ghat section.The scenic view of this road is mind-blowing.My enjoyment was more as a pillion on the Bullet.It was a very beautiful drive with scenic surroundings and mesmerizing view.

5 Awesome Things to do in Yercaud

 2.Boating in Yercaud Lake

Yeri means lake and Kaadu means forest.So the place has got its name from the beautiful lake located at its center.You can’t stop yourself to take a boat ride into the waterbed.The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful mountains.It shimmers in the midst of forests of teak and silver oak.The garden surrounding the lake is well groomed, a perfect place to stroll.

You can explore the local market and do some shopping at the Lakeside.The green pepper, local fruits will take your attention for sure.The moment you get closer to the stall, the shopkeeper will offer you to taste a stalk of green peppers.I love the smell of crushed pepper.I bought some which I used later to prepare an authentic spicy Chicken curry. 

3.Sunset at Pagoda Point

5 Awesome Things to do in Yercaud

The highest point in Yercaud is the Servarayan temple, which is situated at a height of 5326 feet.After a boat-ride at Yercaud Lake, we drove 5km and reached this place to witness the gorgeous sunset and sky.It was like watching an amazing show where the sky was changing its outfit one after another.I have hardly found anyone who doesn’t love to watch Sunset.

You can also hire an auto near the boathouse to take you to the temple.

The Servarayan temple is a narrow and dark cave having the God Servarayan and the Goddess Kaveri inside. They are the deities of the 67 odd villages in & around Shevaroy Hills.This temple is around 200 years old and believed to be the guardian of the villagers. The festival in May is an important celebration here called as Malayalees.You can witness a gathering of hundreds of people there. Boat racing, flower show are few of the regular activities they do every year.

In the evening the air got freezy.I was literally shivering.There are a couple of Tea stalls there.We enjoyed chai with the exhilarating pure mountain breeze. Such a blissful moment it was! 

4.Lady’s Seat

There are a few popular attractions in Yercaud.One day is enough to cover all those. Lady’s Seat, Gent’s Seat, which is basically a group of natural rocks on top of the Yercaud Hills. They overlook the Ghat Road and Salem. According to the stories, an English lady would often bask in the setting sun can be seen from this spot. That’s how this place got such a catchy name. There is a watching tower at this point where one can go and enjoy the vast view in a telescope.

5. Enjoy a stay with Campfire & Chettinad Food

It was a chilled December night.The perfect time to enjoy a Campfire in a Hill station.I never miss a campfire in any of my trip to Hill stations and mountains.I stayed in a Homestay at Yercaud where they arranged everything for a Campfire.And there are some eatery joints near the Lake where you can get delicious South Indian food, mostly Chettinad cuisine.I loved the chicken curry there. We packed some for the dinner and carried to our Homestay.

My trip to a Hill station never completes without a Campfire with some Music.It is really fun with friends.We were a group of 8 people. Some of us were great storytellers.In the end, it became a karaoke night with the golden light of Campfire.We all started singing all those old 90’s songs 🙂 Some didn’t mind to dance even. What a magical evening it was! 

The very next day we started our journey back to Bangalore.The time was again to hit the road. A last lingering view of Yercaud Lake in the morning went well with a delicious Dosa in Breakfast.It was time to say Goodbye to the gorgeous Yercaud.

Yercaud is an ideal place for a two day trip from Bangalore.The roads are pretty good, so you will enjoy the drive as well as the sight.

Bangalore – Yercaud (230 km) via NH 44

There is no direct train to this place.You can take a train to Salem which is the nearest Railway station.From there you can get easily bus or private taxi to Yercaud.


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