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Amer Fort, the most visited place in the Pink City of Rajasthan. A magnificent fort complex situated atop a hill in the outskirt of Jaipur. It is around 11 km from the city. It was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2013.

The wide view of the fort from the foot-hill is truly impressive with a blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture. The construction of this gorgeous fort started by Raja Man Singh in the 16th century and was completed by Sawai Jai Singh in the 18th Century. This magnificent fort comprises an extensive palace complex, built with pink sandstones and white marbles. It is divided into four main sections, each with its own courtyard. The outer appearance is rough.

You need a complete day to explore and capture the beauty of Amer Fort. And if you are with your camera, you hardly feel to stop photo documenting this gorgeous palace. You will find a wide range of exquisite paintings narrating tales of bravery, determination of Rajput rulers. A glimpse of Rajput history of Rajasthan.

Maota Lake

The majestic Amer Fort rests atop the Eagle’s Hill in the Aravalis, casting a beautiful reflection on the Maota Lake. The ancient name of the lake is “Mahavata”.Once it’s used to be the main source of water to Amer Fort.

There is a garden in the center of Maota Lake which is called as Kesar Kyari Bagh.It has a star-shaped flower bed that contains plants. And those are said to have been planted by King in the 15th century. The view from the Fort is stunning with geometric patterns. There is another garden called Dilaram Bagh at the north end.

The Sheesh Mahal

The moment you enter this space, you will be amazed to see it’s beauty. The architecture which is a unique blend of science and imagination. It is built in such a way that lighting only two candles inside the Mahal will create a thousand images of candles. This is one of the noteworthy spots in this Amer Fort. This Mahal is enriched with colorful glasses and mosaics placed in an artistic way.

The first look is enough to impress you and you will fall in love when you check one after another. It’s like creating art with glasses. The name “Sheesh Mahal” justifies in all sense. It’s incredible!

It’s said the king of Jaipur made this Palace for her queen who loved to sleep under the stars. The glasses used here are of convex shapes. So tinge of light is enough to create a glittering effect in the night.

Ganesh Pol

Amer Fort has four sections with four magnificent gates. The fort’s many entrances namely Hawa Pol, Ganesh Pol, Rang Pol and Jawahar Pol are each exquisitely crafted.

Richly adorned, two-story Ganesh Pol (Elephant Gate) which is the way that connects to all royal quarters and palaces in the Fort. A Ganesh painted above the gate will take your attention at the first glimpse. Lord Ganesha symbolizes good luck. The Mughal and Rajput influences shine through the architecture very distinctly.

The Suraj Pol(Sun Gate), faces towards the east.  As a result, rays of rising sun enter the palace from here. It takes you to the public courtyard, where the army would march for their king.

Kathputli Show ,Amer Fort

Never miss this show in the Fort. It is an eternal part of the Rajasthani culture. Kathputli is a unique wooden marionette performance believed to have been developed by the Bhat community.

Initially, the Kathputli show was used to portray the acts of valor of the warriors. Gradually it became an utmost source of awareness among the local people.

It was a mirthful show watching the wooden puppets in colorful costumes The classical Kathputli shows are based on ballads that are sung by performers while demonstrating the show. This Rajasthani Katputli dance was a real crowd pleaser.

I bought a pair of katputli. You can see colorful  kathputlis in the below photograph.

Amer Fort is open in the daytime as well as a few hours in the night. The night view must be stunning with ambient lighting in the Fort. It also offers a view of the famed pink-city from the terrace of the fort. Don’t miss this vibrant tour in the night time.

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