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Kesar Thandai Pudding with salty Thandai Brittles

Trust me , this dessert will win many hearts. Sharing Kesar Thandai Pudding Recipe from my kitchen. Serve with salty Thandai Brittles and Rose pomegranate compote.

It’s Holi ! The color of festival is finally all around bringing a spirit of happiness and positiveness in our life. Colours (gulala) are the most joyous part of this celebration that fills the whole environment with clouds of colors.The sight of throwing colors to each other make one to enjoy even more.

Kesar Thandai Pudding with salty Thandai Brittles

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Kesar Thandai Pudding Recipe

I have created a colourful Dessert plate for the festive of Colours. Each Colour has its own charm.
The color signifies different values in our life..Green as vitality ,blue as calm ,red as prosperity ..Inspired by the colors I tried to make a colorful dessert Kesari-thandai Pudding  for this festival.Tempting and at the same time delicious too.An Indian pudding that I have presented with a European twist.

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Kesari-thandai Pudding with salty thandai brittle served with fruityCompote.
Kesar Thandai Pudding with salty Thandai Brittles
Course dessert
Prep Time 360 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
For Pudding
For Rose-pomegranate compote
Course dessert
Prep Time 360 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
For Pudding
For Rose-pomegranate compote
Kesar Thandai Pudding with salty Thandai Brittles
  1. To make the pudding first ,boil milk with saffron flakes for 5 min.Add sugar and let it mix properly. Make a thick paste of water and corn starch and add slowly to the milk stirring constantly at medium flame.Cook for few minutes till you get a thick consistency of pudding stirring slowly.It usually take between 2-5 min.Once done cool it a bit.
  2. Grease the jelly moulds with little butter.Use a pastry brush or your finger to do so.Pour the pudding mixture into them and chill in refrigerator for 4-6 hour.
  3. Now take a heavy pan and mix all the ingredients and cook slowly at medium flame till you get a thick consistency.Rose syrup will give a nice color to the pomegranate compote.
  4. To make this salty nutty brittle, boil sugar and corn syrup at medium flame for 5-7 min.You can see the color changing to light brown at edge.Add salt,melon seeds and chopped pistachio to it and stir once.Cook for 4-5 min till you get a brown thick mixture.To check whether its done or not , do a small test. Drop a liquid ball with a spoon into a glass of cold water.If it immediately thicken and form hard ball in the water than your cooking is done.
  5. Immediately spread the liquid on a parchment paper or on a greased plate.spread it with the back side of a spoon.let it cool completely.break the disc into pieces.
  6. Well you can serve the way you want.Here how i did. Unmold the pudding into your serving plate.Put compote at the edge of pudding in a circular manner. Now place few brittle sticks on top.Garnish with some saffron flakes. Enjoy 🙂
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  1. simplyvegetarian777 says

    This is such a star recipe Sai! Amazing! I would suggest you to take it to the fiesta Friday tomorrow for more attention. ❤️❤️

  2. ladysphinger says

    Thanks Sonal for your lovely words

  3. mrkk08 says


  4. polianthus says

    beautiful recipe beautifully presented, Holi is inspiring lots of food bloggers right now it seems, and although I’m not based anywhere close to anyone celebrating Holi I have to say the pictures and the happiness in the posts are infective. Lovely post Sai

  5. ladysphinger says

    Thank you very much for spending your precious time at my post..Yes the festival of color crates a spirit..Glad that you liked my pictures too

  6. carolinescookingblog says

    This looks great, I love the mix of textures as well as colors and the flavors must be great. I’m enjoying seeing all the fantastic foods inspired by Holi at the moment, makes me wish I could enjoy the celebration properly! Thanks for bringing this to Fiesta Friday!

  7. Justine @ Born and Bred in Brooklyn says

    This is one gorgeous dessert! And I love all of the flavor combinations. I also didn’t know that the different colors meant different things, but it’s always great to learn something new 🙂

  8. indusinternationalkitchen says

    Lovely recipe Sai Priya. Looks very gourmet! Love the brittle and compote. I wish I could taste some right away! 🙂

  9. ladysphinger says

    Thanks for dropping by..So glad you liked it..brittle are still with me at home 😉

  10. ladysphinger says

    Thanks a lot Justine..Yes all Indian festivals have significance with some mythological stories..

  11. ladysphinger says

    Thank you very much dear..Its my pleasure to be a part of Fiesta Friday and thanks to my blogger friend Sonal Gupta who suggested me to do so..And there are wonderful posts in Fiesta Friday..cheers

  12. Mayuri Patel says

    Sai Priya, the pudding looks so good and pretty. I am going to try the recipe soon. If it turns out good then I may prepare it for a pre wedding party (I have to make the dessert for 50 people). Just a few questions… Could I set this in a big tray and then cut into pieces to serve? Or will cutting it be difficult? What can I use instead of corn syrup? Do you think honey would do as I don’t get any corn syrup here?

  13. Sai Priya says

    Thanks for dropping by.I will suggest you to use disposal plastic cups instead of cutting into pieces..i have not tried any replacement so far for corn syrup .It gives the best result though

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