gram flour

Curry / Side-dish

Dahi Kadhi

Curd is cooked with gram-flour & few spices which pairs well with hot steam rice. This is a popular combination in North-India where the gravy is little thicker. From state to state the spices differ in making a bowl of kadhi. Unlike punjabi kadhi, no gram flour fritters are added to Rajasthani version of kadhi. I make it whenever i find sour-curd lying in my fridge. Many use dry-mango pieces to bring that sourness into fresh curd. They add dry-mango piece in the plain curd along with other spice powders and keep it aside for 15 to 20 minute. Discard…


Crunchy Peanut

Its pouring heavily here since morning , that making me super lazy .All i want to sip chai with some crunchy peanut. Fried snacks are always enjoyed at their best on a rainy day ,isn’t it ! In my family we devour fried snacks with a happy heart always. I managed to go to nearby fish market in the morning when rain stopped for a while ,bought some mackerel & rohu ,prepared mackerel recheado fry for lunch too. Oh yes.. i plucked these beautiful flowers on my way back to home. Exotic acacia trees are always eye-catching when blossoms. I…

Bread / Rice, BreakFast

Pumpkin Thepla

Gujaratis are known for their love to travel & exceptional quest for food. Have you ever tasted a Gujarati meal ,that will offer you a blend of both sweet and spicy flavor with plethora of vegetarian dishes. Owing to it’s climatic variation use of yogurt, buttermilk, coconut, groundnut, gram-flour, sugar are staples in a typical Gujarati food preparation.They have simple food philosophy which is dominantly vegetarian . Today i will be sharing a Gujarati breakfast “Thepla” which are lightly spiced Indian flat bread with a long shelf-life.That’s the reason you can always find it in a traveler’s mandatory list ….

Curry / Side-dish, Snacks

Jack-Fruit Shami Kebab

Jack-fruit , every one in my family fond of this.They like both the green and the ripe unlike me. To me the raw version is vegetarian Mutton where as i can’t even resist to the smell once it starts ripening. Why not we try to make jack-fruit kebabs ,that’s what i told my Mom yesterday.And I took the challenge ,believe me result was super delicious. Kebab originating in Turkey got a dignified space in the cuisines of Middle East.

Snacks, Street Food


Winter ,i love this season so much.It always gives me the warmest comfort feeling bundling up in my woolen wears. I remember my old winter days at Munich .Once the temperature was around -4 Degree ..As me and my friends reached BMW museum it started snowing ,my first such experience.The tiny white snow flakes tickled my face when i looked up to the sky ..soft and slow .. “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ~Edith…

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