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Radha-Ballavi / Stuffed Puri

Apart from “Luchi” another thing which a bong enjoy with spicy Aloo-dum is “Radha-ballavi”, a variety of stuffed Puri. And it’s another favorite breakfast for which i have a constant obsession. Puri ,an Indian flat fried bread served with Potato curry is all time favorite combination across regions in India. Usually a stuffed puri is termed as “Kachori” or “Kachodi” which is no doubt a popular street-food ,the fillings of which differ from place to place. In Rajasthan you can also get sweet Mawa kachodi which is quiet popular apart from alo-pyaz ki kachodi & moong-dal ki kachodi. This is…

Fish/Sea Food, Snacks, Street Food

Bengali Fish Croquette Recipe | Macher Chop Recipe

Mention Bengali food to anyone ,the first picture come to mind is fish. Fish been always a symbol of prosperity and pleasure in a bong family. Sometime they can construct an entire meal with a single fish.Started with fish fry, they make a gravy with mustard paste and another with good amount of chili paste called “macher jhal”. The head ,deep fried in mustard oil broken up into pieces, and combined with the pui(vine spinach) and vegetables. Undoubtedly fish is a staple diet in Bengal as well as in Orissa. “Macher chop” is a Bengali style fish croquette .To make…

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