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Petrichor, the smell of rain delights something deep within us. Fluffy White puffs in the bright blue sky with rhythmical raindrops are enough to uplift one’s travel mood. Monsoon Travel got another charm. A Sunday early Morning, we were all set to begin a magical Monsoon drive to Evolve Back Resorts, Coorg. A place which is captivating, exciting and exotic nestled amidst 300 acres of coffee and pepper plantations.

After a 5 hour drive from Bangalore, we reached Chikkanahalli Estate. The glamorous, the bold and the beautiful, far enough to be away from the city’s chaos. Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg is a luxury enclave carved within charismatic colors of landscapes and it’s impossible not to fall in love at first sight.

There was an unmistakable aura of exoticism. This place strives to uphold your high standards of service and offers you luxury at it’s best.

Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg


Welcome at Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg

We were greeted by gorgeous Coorgi Girls with flowers. The soothing music in the background was breaking the silence. The rain stopped by that time leaving behind its aqua smell in the air. The buggy drove us to our ‘Heritage Pool Villa’ of Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg. And it was our abode for the next 4 days.

Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg

Monsoon at Evolve Back Resorts

The Four-Star Luxury resort’s villas are limited to only 63. Extremely spacious and equipped with plunge pools, massive black granite bathtubs, and mahogany furniture. Each villa has a serene ambiance with picture-perfect views of lush greenery.

Outside of ‘Heritage Pool Villa’The Heritage Pool Villas boast a separate living room and capacious bedroom. It was a 4400 sq ft villa. This is Kodava architecture (east-facing homes) at its luxurious best. The walls were built with a combination of mud and rice husk which were shaped into blocks. Kodava architecture is majorly influenced by Kerala architecture. You can say a fine blend of these two arts.

We were in a temple of serenity with a private pool and temperature controlled jacuzzi. Planter’s chairs in the verandah overlook the private pool is the best place to sip a cup of coffee. As part of the resort’s responsible tourism initiatives, the villa has its own reverse osmosis water supply. There is no use of plastic mineral bottles in the Resort which is truly admirable.

It was more like a dream, waking up in the early morning with chirping sounds of birds. I could hardly resist myself to stay back inside the resort. It was drizzling outside. The aroma of Coffee was all around with the sight of verdant plantations.

The first estate in Coorg was established in 1854 by an Englishman John Fowler. The first British superintendent, Captain Le Hardy took a deep interest in the prosperity of the land. As a result, every family in Coorg started growing the brew that refreshes the world. That’s how Coorg became theCoffee Cup of India’

I am always fond of visiting church, temples. A strong vibe of positive energy in that expanse. There was a beautiful chapel quite close to my Villa which tempted me to take a walk inside. The chapel was enclosed by deep greens. It was so blissful inside, the vintage lanterns were enhancing the beauty even more. The fragrance of wildflowers was so heavenly, I sat for a while and praised the lord for his astonishing creation!

  After that refreshing morning walk, all I wanted was a steaming filter kappi from the house of Rampauram. A stimulating cup of filter coffee is like a morning ritual in Coorg. Kappi is almost an institution in South India.

House of Ramapuram

The House of Ramapuram, a family of traditional planters, has seen over three generations of Coffee and Spice planters over the last 100 years. Their rich experiences in high-quality farm produce are brought here in ‘Evolve Back Resorts, Coorg’ in the form of Sidapur Fine Coffees and Malabar Coast range of authentic natural produce.

House of Ramapuram

In the above picture (left) there is Filter Kaapi served in a tumbler and Davarah. A traditional way of serving the Coffee. The Davarah and tumbler are used to cool the coffee by repeatedly shuffling the coffee between them. The foam that collects on top reflects how good it been shuffled which enhances the taste a bit!

“Life begins after Coffee”

The cup of cappuccino was at the library which proved to be a cup of happiness at the end. The taste of mildly roasted beans was truly amazing. A soothing mellow flavor adding a spark to my Monsoon afternoon at Evolve Back Resorts, Coorg!

  • Enjoy Veg Delicacies at Plantain Leaf  

Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg

The early morning light hitting on the breakfast table at ‘Plantain Leaf’ in Evolve Back Resorts, Coorg was magical. The food looks so appealing on a fresh piece of banana leaf which is a time-honored tradition in South India. It adds a subtle but distinct flavor to the food. we both sisters behave like happy kids when we get the chance to dig right in. It’s not only a treat to the eyes but to the palate as well.

We relished delicacies of Kodava and Kerala cuisines. There was “ari pathal” (rice bread) in the breakfast. It’s a traditional dish from Kerala, fried flat bread prepared from rice.

During the lunch and dinner hour, one can enjoy South-Indian and North-Indian thali. My vote will go for South-Indian Thali. Before you start your meal, they will treat you with a shot of Dasamularishtam. It is a divine ayurvedic drink promoting ojas and general strength from Kottakkal.

Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg Evolve Back Resorts ,CoorgEvolve Back Resorts ,Coorg

There are two more Restaurants at Evolve Back Resorts where you can enjoy a four-course meal, buffet and À la carte menu. Stay tuned to my next blog to know more about my Food Experience.

Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg  Evolve Back Resorts ,Coorg

All seasons in Coorg give the nature new vogue. But Monsoon at Evolve Back Resorts, Coorg is magical. Do you know Evolve Back Resorts is the global winners of the prestigious ‘Earth Changers’ Award at the World Legacy Awards 2015!

The first Resort in India to achieve this for its environmentally friendly business practices and Green Technology.

When asked what Big thing you have been doing to get this Award,

Mr. Jose Ramapuram says “In fact, there is not really a big thing we are doing, There are thousands of small things we are doing. And all these small little things that we do make up this BIG Thing. Doing good to your community should be part of your DNA.

Do great by doing good.”


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