Campo Viejo Wine launches Rioja in Bangalore,India

Anytime Day or night, someone somewhere is pouring Campo Viejo wine into a glass..

Campo Viejo is born in the Ebro River valley. They take great care of their vines for months. Once in a year thousands of plots suddenly burst into life with vibrant colours with wonderful smells of fresh grapes.

Campo Viejo Wine

Their winemaking teams carefully select the ideal time to pick the grapes when they are perfectly ripe and of the highest quality. With the equal love and devotion, the winemaking process gets started. Fermentation and ageing, both in oak barrels and bottles, until Campo Viejo Rioja wines became perfect.

As we can’t buy Happiness but a bottle of Wine. And a glass of wine is the best way to enjoy your own company!   Elena Adell, Chief winemaker at Campo Viejo says

“I adore working with Tempranillo. It’s such a versatile grape. I love seeing the many different ways it can express its character in such a diverse range of wines”

Campo Viejo Wine

She also adds “I believe wine is something to be enjoyed with company. It’s an essential part of celebrations when you want to share a joyful occasion or a quiet dinner with friends. My aim is to make wines that add a special touch to any occasion, wines that make you feel like drinking another glass.”

Rioja wines are covered by the oldest Designation of Origin in Spain. The modern Rioja was born in the late 19th century. Rioja wines are elegant and have the unmistakable character of great wines. It is only possible when grape varieties, vine-growing methods and winemaking procedures have been honed over time. Campo Viejo uses the most advanced techniques to create modern twists on traditional winemaking methods to deliver progressive styles of Rioja wines.

Tempranillo is a versatile grape which makes Campo Viejo one of the world’s favourite Rioja. One of the traits that set Rioja Wines apart is their excellent aptitude for ageing, a quality that is exclusive to great wines. Oakwood plays a decisive role in the process of ageing. Rioja wines are aged in 225-litre oak casks. The wine inside the cask experience a slow evolutionary process of micro-oxygenation and stabilisation. Eventually, it acquires aromas and flavours released by the tannins in the wood. This is how the traditional ageing method of great wines works. A natural, more costly process than modern proposals of a more “industrial” oenology.

Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo pairs well with Indian Food. why?

With Tempranillo as the main element, Rioja reds are characterised by being very balanced in their alcohol content, colour and acidity. It has a sweet gentle fruity note when young. But when aged the flavour changed to more velvety. These characteristics make Rioja Wines highly versatile when combining with the most varied foods.

Campo Viejo White 

Varieties: 14% Tempranillo Blanco and 86% Viura

This one is pale yellow in colour with subtle green hues. The blend of Tempranillo Blanco and Viura results in a highly aromatic wine – combining floral and white fruit aromas. Tempranillo Blanco also shows high levels of acidity that results in an expressive yet beautifully balanced white wine.

Last week Campo Viejo launched officially in India, the day before International Wine Day. I was invited to be part of this grand launching event in Bangalore by Ane Ortueta. She is the Brand Ambassador of Campo Viejo Wines.

The weather was pleasant. I collected a glass of Campo Viejo White and joined the Wine lovers crowd. The event got started with a welcoming speech by Ane. She spoke about Campo Viejo History and how they mone of the finest Rioja. There was exquisite Tapas to pair with the glass of that aromatic wine.

Well, the celebration didn’t stop there. Archana performed the most popular musical dance form of southern Spain, Flamenco. With her highly expressive movements, graceful arm movements and rhythmic feet stomping, she impressed all of us.

Overall the evening was a great success. It’s very easy to get stuck when you’re enjoying good wine and great company.

“Smile , there’s Wine”

Drink Wine & Stay Happy, xoxo

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