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Agonda, Best Beach in South-Goa | Travel Guide

How you feel when you walk on that unknown beach, the sight of blue waves breaking into the shore and murmuring into the unbreakable rhythms of Sea. It drives you inside and out.

Doesn’t it remind us Mortality of life? You must break the rules and come out of your comfort zone.

Take the soulful journey to the serene beach of Goa that is Agonda.

gonda, Best Beach in South-Goa | Travel GuideAfter a fabulous stay in North Goa, Now it’s time to write a few new chapters in our travel diary.

Let’s dust off wheels ,turn slowly and wear the armor for next adventure..

A pleasant morning to greet the Sun and take leave from Old Goa. A bunch of Goodbye kisses and promises to meet again.

Isn’t it true ? When you do not plan your journey, it leads you to beautiful destinations.

Just turn off the expectation button in your head and hold onto your impatient heart.Hug each surprise tightly you pass by.

Best Beach in South-Goa

Oh wait, we are ready for another adventures ride !

A beautiful trail waits for us.Β Agonda, a sparkling paradise in South Goa.

Agonda steals a special compartment in my heart.It is undoubtedly the Best Beach in South-Goa.

Why? That’s a long story..I will tell you some other day.

Oh that’s a beautiful aroma..but where it is coming from! I must go and check the basket of that bicycle. It’s freshly baked goan bread..Historical name is Poi. Our craving for freshly baked bread comes to an end when we relish those fluffy wheat pockets with a plate of ros omelette.

gonda, Best Beach in South-Goa | Travel GuideDays in Agonda, Best Beach in South Goa

After those soulful beach mornings, now we are up for exploring afternoons in Agonda.

There is a saying “There is no love sincerer than love of food.” We don’t pretty much agree with that.

Cause Love of food is the only love to us.

We always crave for Seafood, specifically when we are in coastal places. Goan cuisine is one of our favourites.

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3B in Goan Life , Beer-Bread-Beach , 🍺 πŸ₯– πŸ– What else one can ask more when in Goa … My trip to Goa is incomplete with the sponges of deliciousness of Goan Bread.The joy of eating Goan Poee ( Goan Bread ) with Ros Omlette has a totally different charm .. Only @saswati_gypsytraveller can tell you how happy we were starting our days in that way ! Portuguese influenced Goan breads are part of every household . In every locality there is a bakery where these are baked at least in two batches a day. Then there are Goan Men carrying them door to door with oversized wicker baskets covered with blue tarpaulin on their bicycle. You can sense their arrival with the β€˜po-po’ sound of the air-horn ! Of course followed by the sweet aroma of Poee infused in the air 😊 I found this Poee-wala while strolling on the narrow streets of Agonda. He had four varieties to offer. Each is only four rupees !! . . #travelgram #goa2019 #local #bread #goan #southgoa #egg #bestoftheday #picoftheday #love #art #beauty #travelblogger #travelvideo #instalove #igers #art #foodiegram @goatourism

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Poi, an Aromatic trail:

The call of Poder cracks the dawn of South Goa.

One glance into the Poder’s basket, and you’re sure to find a diversity of freshly baked breads: each one a culinary delight of its own.

The word Poder is derived from Portuguese word Padeiro,which means baker.

Poi is quite similar to a pita pocket.The authentic preparation includes a mixture of wheat and white flour. The wheat bran outer layer looks tempting.

There are 2-3 varieties you can fetch from a Poi-wala. During baking it rises forming a hollow cavity inside, ideal for stuffing with goan delicacies.

Spicy Goan sausage or a plate of ros omelette..choice is yours! I like to pair the sweet one with my Beer.

Sunset at Agonda Beach , Best Beach in South-Goa

If you prefer Sunset over Sunrise then you must hit to the Agonda beach.The astonishing Sunset will take your breath away.

The sight of setting sun into the blue waves soothes your restless heart.And promises to bring another beautiful day.

A Promise is a promise.. And here we are!

Agonda Beach Cottage: StayΒ 

If you are a crazy traveller just like us, then no need to worry about accommodation stuff.

No need of online reservation of hotel or room.You can directly check-in to those array of beach Shacks .

Before you check-in to a Shack , make your mind to spend your Holidays with basic amenities.

Just carry a curious heart with yourself. And explore those serene Days and Nights.

The hippie market is a few steps from the beach.Apart the local shops are around. You can get all essential.

Evening walk is a great idea to explore the locality.The market closes by 9pm but the beach cafes are open till 11pm.

Grab a beer and enjoy your evening tuning to the magical waves. If you are staying in a Beach Shack , Β You can spend the whole night listening to those waves with your loved ones !
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