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Have you taken a Digital Break yet ! Valley Dew Homestay is the place for You

The gurgling sound of the Harangi River flowing next to my Cottage was one of the best parts of my Digital Detox. I’m sharing my experience at Valley Dew Homestay in Coorg.
When you are on a Digital Break, Life is certainly more Peaceful and Gorgeous. You truly discover yourself connecting to Nature. It’s almost poetic. It was like living in la-la land.


Why A Digital Detox is So much Essential ,Valley Dew Homestay 

Our Life has become the slave to smartphone and those uncounted Apps on it. For many of us, the last thing is to scroll through social media before going to bed. Isn’t it? Even a toddler knows what an iPad is!

If you feel uncomfortable without your mobile phone, then I am sure it’s time for a Digital Break. The obsession for streaming services is undoubtedly taking an unhealthy turn. Last month in Bangalore, Nimhans clinic treats the first case of ‘Netflix addiction’.

Indians on average spend over three hours every day accessing the internet. Internet became an addiction now for most of us. No doubt it’s helpful in many cases. But the rule of life is ‘Too Much of anything is Bad’.Don’t you agree?


Why I choose Valley Dew Homestay for a Digital Break with Parents 

Many of you who are connected to me on social media must be aware of my recent travels. I went to this place with my parents. And that is the best decision ever. This place is surrounded by the Western Ghats. You can get a panoramic view as soon as the sun shines in the morning.
Valley Dew Homestay

The experience was totally blissful. It was purely a Digital Detox for all of us. As this area has poor connectivity. You can only get network if you are a BSNL user. I was amazed by how different I felt after not being on my phone for 3 days and surrounded by wilds. It’s more than a good feeling. In the utter silence of Nature. I was at Peace getting unequivocal answers for so many unspoken thoughts.

This place is around 30 km away from Madikeri Town in the laps of Mukkodlu. With all basic needs, this place has all the charm to make your stay a memorable one. The campfire in the night is another add-on to your joy list.




Things to Do at Valley Dew Homestay

  • Take a Walk to the Cascade

A half-kilometer away from this beautiful Homestay leads you to a snow-white waterfall. Surrounded by glimmering rocks area where the Harangi river water drops abruptly.  We used to go there after our Morning Breakfasts and got the privilege to witness those stunning shots of nature’s most dramatic force.



  • Trekking to MandalPatti

The Hosts over here can arrange a trek to MandalPatti nestled in the Pushpagiri reserve Forest. You can also take a Jeep Ride if you want to witness the stunning Sun Rise view. We enjoyed our adventurous 4×4 Jeep ride which took around 40 minutes from the Homestay.  Blessed with wide verdant green shola grassland, MandalPatti viewpoint is at an altitude of around 4050 feet.

Those breathtaking mesmerizing views satisfied our souls. It was truly a paradise with 360-degree views of immense Pushpagiri range. You simply can’t get over those shades of blues and green. And you must not!

  • Live with Kodava Family

Not only the picturesque surroundings of VallyDew impress you, but the warm hospitality of the host family will also take your heart away. They are the typical Kodava family. One of such family who had started traditional Kodava Dance group in Madikeri performing at many places across India. Manu Muddappa, the host himself is a skillful Kodava Dancer who leads the Dance group. I got the chance to watch one of their performances during my stay at Orange County, Coorg. 

Fingerlickingly delicious Kodava Food is what you gonna miss after your Digital Break. Home cooked ambrosial Kodava food is served at their spacious verandhas overlooking the lush green mountains.

They fetch most of their spices from their own farms. Black Pepper is one of the vital ingredients in most of their curry preparation. And pork is a highly traditional food in Coorg. A Kodava’s meaty dream can’t be complete without the authentic pandi curry. It was heavenly delicious. Manu’s wife cooked with freshly grounded spices seasoning with the signature black kachampuli Vinegar. It was one of the best Pandi curries so far. The special accompaniment to pandi curry was nool puttu, rice noodle hoppers. Below is the picture.

Pork eating probably started in the martial traditions of Kodavas. An interesting fact is that Kodava culture which is a very small community, about a lakh and a half in number worldwide.

  • Take a Coffee Plantation Walk

The homestay is next to Coffee Estates which is full of much other flora and fauna. We took a guided plantation walk with one of the staffs in our Digital Break. There were cardamom trees, Cinamon, oranges, Pomelo etc. I got some guavas on my way back.

It was the month of October when I visited this Place. Earth was in it’s purest form after the Monsoon. The sight of green Coffee beans was stunning in the Coffee cup of India, Coorg. Yeah, Coorg is India’s largest Coffee producing district.

Let me tell you #COORG IS SAFE NOW  to travel. Exacerbated by landslides in hilly terrain, the flood has led to massive destruction to Coorg,  the Scotland of South-India. The Kodava, born fighters have overcome the situation with brave hearts. It’s time for us to show the love to Coorg and it’s Tourism.

To book a stay at Valley Dew Homestay contact the Owner Manu Muddappa: +91-94838 36115 , 08272-233042

It also an ideal location for a big group or Family get-together. Plan your Digital Break now..


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