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This Tender Coconut Ice-Cream Recipe is super easy to make at home. With just 4 ingredients you can make this IceCream in just one Hour !
Though the weather in Bangalore is always chilling like Winter, I am always ready to grab a scoop of Ice-cream. This is something that brings back the sense of fun you had as a child.

Tender Coconut Ice-Cream is one of my favorite. I have the best memories as a kid eating ice cream.

I remember those childhoods days when I urged to have ice-cream hearing the bell. That Ice-cream guy with his bicycle keeping a tin-box at his carrier was the eye-catcher in most of our afternoons.I go running when I have to.

The only thing that ultimately matters is to eat an ice-cream cone, play a slide trombone, plant a small tree, good God, now you’re free. ~Ray Manzarek

The moment I got to hear his loud call, the very next thing was to convince Mom for some coins. Those Ice-cream Popsicles were not that costly. There was a nice coat of grated coconut on top. It was so good to eat them in a tricky way. Eating Ice-creams connect people emotionally sometimes, it’s more than just food.

A few days back, I received “Kitchenif” ice-cream maker. The first thing I wanted to make is a Tender Coconut Ice-Cream. This Ice-cream maker is so compact and handy. So it won’t really take a lot of space in your kitchen. So easy to fit into your kitchen era. A small cute kitchen gadget which can make 1.5 liters frozen delight at one Go. It will take less than 30 minutes. Pretty cool…

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Five things that you gonna love about Kitchenif 
  • AUTOMATIC DIGITAL OPERATION: Built-in Digital timer helps the Electric Ice cream maker to function automatically for the Preset time, after which it automatically stops. So No need to wait to switch off & are free to do other work at the same time
  • EAT FRESH & HEALTHY: You can make Healthy, Frozen Desserts free from Preservatives with your Favorite Handpicked Ingredients. Try this Tender Coconut Ice-Cream Recipe.
  • MODERN DESIGN With LARGE 1.5 Liters Capacity: It can delight your whole family in just one go. You can make also make Slush, Sorbet, Frozen Yoghurt with seasonal fresh fruits.
  • COMPACT & USER-FRIENDLY: This one got a great look and at the same time it’s compact. It can fit-in easily to your kitchen shelf. Also, it’s easy to clean.
  • BEST QUALITY, DURABLE and TRUSTED: It comes with one-year India warranty which is really good. You will get a recipe book along with the product. You can find a lot of interesting recipes there. It makes life so easy.

Let’s prepare Tender Coconut Ice-Cream with just 4 ingredients. You just need to relax with a cup of lemon-tea for 30 minutes while Kitchenif starts churning it. Only make sure the base is totally chilled before pouring it into the machine. You can chill the bowl in deep freezer for about 12-18 hours before you start the process. It should be frozen.

Try this Tender Coconut IceCream Recipe at Home , add fresh ripe mango cubes before serving. Believe  me, that’s a flavour bomb !

The combination is so sinful resulting a lip-smacking flavor. You can’t stop yourself from having it more and more. If you want to play around with the flavors, you can add a teaspoon of basil or chia seeds. It won’t hurt.

Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time.
~Charles M. Schulz

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Tender Coconut Ice-Cream Recipe
It's super easy to make this luscious Tender Coconut Ice-Cream at home. With Kitchenif Ice-Cream maker you can make 1.5 litres of Frozen Desserts in one go.
Tender Coconut IceCream Recipe |kitchenif Product Review Collaboration
Course dessert
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course dessert
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Tender Coconut IceCream Recipe |kitchenif Product Review Collaboration
  1. Make a fine paste of tender coconut flesh. In a bowl start slowly whipping the heavy cream for 1 minutes.
  2. Add Sweetened Condensed Milk and whip it slowly for 2 minutes till finely blended.
  3. Add tender coconut pulp, vanila extract and fold it using a spatula.
  4. Chill this mixture in an airtight container for 20 - 30 minutes. (Not Frozen)
  5. Make sure the Freezer bowl of Kitcheif should be frozen beforehand for 12-18 hours. Use a double door refrigerator.
  6. Take the chilled mixture and pour into kitchenif ice cream with the help of spout container through the open hole when the machine is on and the paddle is spinning.
  7. Let the ice cream machine run for 20-25 minutes or till mixture is thickens. Your delicious ice cream is ready. It's ready to serve in soft serve stage.
  8. For more stiff and hard ice cream keep this mixture in airtight container in freezer for 2-3 hours. Before serving keep it in refrigerator section to soften a bit.

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