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Pickled Deviled Eggs Recipe | Pickled Eggs with Beetroot

Sharing this colourful Pickled Deviled Eggs Recipe . This dish can impress any egg lover effortlessly.

What is Pickling 

Pickling is the process of expanding the lifespan of food usually combined with another method, such as fermenting, canning, or just refrigerating.

In India everyone is familiar with Mango Pickle or other vegetables pickle.
Have you ever thought of Pickling an Egg ??

Pickled beet eggs are count to be as a British Classic. Boiled Eggs submerged in a jar of brine kept on fermenting.  A brine of salt , spices, and other seasonings.

A big jar of beet-pickled eggs is an easy sight in Pennsylvania. Pickled Eggs with Beetroot are bright in flavor & colour.

Pickled at my Home

My Granny is a pickle Master ,so as my Mom.This year Mom made around 8 variety of pickle using Mango, king of fruits. The traditional way of making pickle in India takes a lot of efforts in which sun-drying process plays a vital role .

Then adding the right amount of freshly grounded spices ,mustard oil is an art. The process results a flavorsome pickle to relish throughout the year.

In some part of India pickling of Meat and prawn is quite popular. A Kerala prawn pickle box is always in my shopping list whenever I visit there.

Pickled Deviled Eggs Recipe

I prepared Eggs-mimosa/Deviled-Eggs infusing traditional flavor of “Kasundi ” into the red pickled eggs.
Kasundi is a yellowish sauce prepared with fermented mustard with some spices.It always goes best with Egg Fritters or Bengali fish chop ,it is easily available at Amazon.

How to Pickle Eggs at Home Boiled egg yolks are added to cream and kasundi . That makes a creamy filling for the Deviled pickled Eggs Recipe.

You can skip Kasundi or can replace with English Mustard Sauce. You can also make this dish without mustard sauce.
Pickled Beetroot slices are used to garnish . That adds so much flavour to the dish.
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Pickled Eggs Recipe
Pickled Deviled Eggs Recipe by My Cooking Canvas
Course brunch, side dish
Cuisine british
Prep Time 360 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course brunch, side dish
Cuisine british
Prep Time 360 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Pickled Deviled Eggs Recipe by My Cooking Canvas
  1. Hard boil 3 egg.Let it cool and peel the shell out. See Note below to know process of Hard-Boiling.
  2. In a pan add vinegar,sugar,mustard powder,beet slices,beet juice and slow cook until the sugar dissolved.
  3. In a jar place Eggs first ,pour this mixture.Add the beet slices on top. Leave it for a minimum of 6 hour at Room-temperature. After 6 hour,take the eggs out of the liquid.
  4. Cut all eggs into halves. Take the egg yolk of all eggs carefully and mix with cream, kasundi,chopped onion, chopped green chili in a bowl.Mix well to get a creamy mixture.Adjust salt.
  5. Pour this mixture again with a piping bag or simply using a spoon to put into the egg white halves. Serve with pickled beet slices.
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    Such pretty eggs – I really like the filling you’ve used. Nice presentation too! Thanks so much for coming to the party and sharing your pickled beet eggs with Fiesta Friday.

  3. petra08 says

    Your eggs looks so pretty! I love that you can make them in a day and the colour looks outstanding! Perfect for Fiesta Friday 🙂

  4. Sai priya says

    Thanks a lot for dropping by petra..Yeah,you are right..these are always a crowd pleasure .

  5. Sai priya says

    Thanks juju for visiting my page. It’s really fun to participate in virtual party.

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