BreakFast, Chicken/Meat

Pear-Chicken Bagel Sandwich

Summer is all about making a smarter choice in food and keeping yourself more healthy. At the same time we always wish a delicious dish in a less time.Usually after a busy tiring day ,dinner is always a problem. Isn’t so? Why not some healthy sandwiches to try which are delicious too.I have used multi-grain bagel here which can be replaced as any bread of your choice. Enjoy your weekend ..

Healthy, Salad & Soup

Green Peas Soup

This soup is delicate blend of flavors and relatively easy to make. Nothing hits the spot like a bowl of warm creamy soup when you are in a lazy mood on a tiring evening. Isn’t it?


Vanilla bean Panna cotta

Panna Cotta , an Italian dessert which literally means cooked cream.Usually it’s served with fresh fruit compote or wild berries.The best part is that such delicious dish can be made so quickly with few ingredients in hand. Today i will discuss about the basic version of this dessert ,classic vanilla panna cotta with a hint of vanilla bean. I love to use vanilla bean instead of the vanilla essence. I have used gelatin here which can be replaced with a veg option of agar-agar. A perfect panna cotta should have just enough gelatin that it seems the cream is barely…

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