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Atta Ladoo Recipe | Odia Magaja Ladoo

Magaja Ladoo is the Odia style Atta Ladoo . It’s part of the Temple Food which is offered at Puri Jagannath Temple in Odisha.Atta Ladoo Recipe is easy to follow. Ladoo , the name brings sheer happiness . The varieties are many. Boondi…

Lentil with Egg Recipe | Egg Dal Recipe

Sharing Lentil with Egg Recipe today. A delicious bowl of Dal topped with eggs.It can be served as one bowl meal with red-rice. I have used two varieties of Dal in making this Egg Dal dish. Together they bring so much flavor to this dish.…


Tawa-Paneer is to be made on an Iron Tawa (Iron flat skillet) to get it perfect.But you can always use a replacement for the same if not available. Tawa-Paneer is easy to prepare.Perfectly balanced with spices .It goes perfect with rice or…