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Dare To Dream,Story of Dorothy Klerck

She is a Dreamer.She has been featured in magazines around the world including from Great Britain, USA, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and South-Africa. Dorothy Klerck , a leader in the Cake world dreams Big. A very humble person who inspires the next generation to dream bigger with her Life size cakes! To her, It’s not ‘only’ cake!! She keeps us charmed with every cake at  Eat Cake Party .

I am so glad that she agreed to share her story with my readers. There is no doubt in that Dorothy Klerck is the most humble person whom I met in the virtual world of Facebook. She is one of the best.
Over to Dorothy …...
We live in an exciting time with social media linking the whole world together, I’m privileged to have ‘met’ Sai Priya online with our common love of all things beautiful! I really hope we get to meet up later this year!
  • Dorothy , what motivated you to become a cake artist?
    I have 4 children, and always has been a hands on mom, I had to try my hand at their christening and birthday cakes! We love parties at our house, so eating and the cake have always been very important part of celebrating. I guess I just took my love for creating art and moved it into a practical way to make a living and channel my creativity.
  • How “Eat Cake Party” started?
    Eat Cake Party was born when I decided to make cake making a full time thing. At the time I was making many cakes for friends and family and my youngest was past the baby stage and I needed a new focus. We began offering a whole package service with decoration, food and cake packages, later specializing in cake only.

  • Tell me about Life-size Elephant cake?
    The Life Size Elephant cake was a project put together by a wonderful team of ladies with a passion for food, wine, and wild life conservation. They wanted to use the Good Food and Wine Show in Cape Town as a platform for making people aware of the plight of our wildlife. Last year we raised funds for the Rhinos, this year we chose the elephant because few people realize that in the short time it will take you to read this interview, an elephant will loose it’s life for it’s tusks. The cake is 2,5m tall, weighing in at 1,1 tons, it was created over 2weeks using 160kg fondant, 80kg of chocolate, 80kg of modeling chocolate, 500kg of cake and about 1200 eggs! We used a forklift at each end to place the cake in a special side opening truck, driven 2 hrs to the convention center and then offloaded again using a long arm forklift with 250 of the local press and VIPs watching. The public reaction was overwhelming and I feel incredibly in awe of these gentle giants!

Dorothy Klerck

  • You DREAM
    My dream is to be able to keep creating large show pieces and inspire the next generation to dream bigger! It’s not ‘only’ cake!!!!
  • Why is the craze of being an entrepreneur increased in today’s generations?
    I think we live in an incredible time in history where the new generations are no longer restricted in the same way we were, they have information at a touch of a button. This has also demystified many things. I think we are moving into a brave new time, where people take risks and can see many others reach for their dreams and be inspired on a whole new level.


  • Your favorite dish.
    I love to cook!! I don’t have a favorite, it keeps changing as I experience new cultures and tastes, but artisan bread remains one of my favorite things to create!
  • Is it the first time you are coming to India in September for a Master-Class, how excited you are for this?
    It is my first time visiting India and I am very excited!!! South Africa has a huge Indian population, second only to India, so it has made me very eager to visit!! I am a little afraid of your hot dishes, but I love to try new tastes, I can’t wait!!!

You can get the details of her Bangalore Class  here..

 Hope you enjoy reading this lovely share.I promise to bring another such inspirational story to you guys soon. Stay tuned.

Love Life & Inspire others…


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