Dare to Dream ,Story of Deeba Rajpal

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
– Harriet Tubman

Deeba Rajpal, the Food-Stylist is a popular name in the Blogging world. You might have seen her many times on Television with Michelin star Chef Vikas Khanna for Fit Foodie.She is Inspiring, humble and a person with gratitude towards Life.

There are inspiring Indians in all walks of life. I met Deeba Rajpal on Facebook 4 year back. I am so happy that she agreed to share her story with me and my readers.

You are an inspiration to many but who inspired you as a Photographer?

Thank you so much. I feel happy that I am a source of inspiration to a few. I was inspired earlier on by two pastry chef turned food bloggers in the US. I chanced upon their blogs in 2007 and I was amazed that such good pictures could be taken at home by food bloggers. The two are Aran Goyoaga and Helen Dujardin.

Many years later, Donna Hay became my biggest source of inspiration as she moved from season to season. She remains an inspiration, though now Instagram is absolutely my favourite playing ground, my haunt. I could live there forever.

From baker to Food Photography, how has been the journey so far?

It’s been an immensely fulfilling journey, one that has brought me everything I could ask for and more. I never dreamt my blog would be anything more than my personal blog for recipes that I was experimenting with. Looking back, I now believe that if you blog about food, your pictures need to speak a thousand words too.

Digitalization has changed the way the world looks at food. Food photography brings new learnings every single day, new challenges and amazing opportunities too.

I’ve had the privilege to style food frames for brands like Big Bazaar, Teabox, FoodHall among several others including many start-ups like Geez Gourmet, Finge Box. I’ve had the absolute joy to style and shoot a whole cookbook for Vikas Khanna, My First Kitchen, as also styled the part reshoot of The Curry Cookbook by Dorley Kindersley.


The best part comes however when you can share the little knowledge you have with a larger community, and that is interaction I enjoy a lot. I host Food Styling & Photography Workshops with Darter. We recently had our 8th one, the first outstation one in Mumbai which was sold out very soon. The 9th one followed in Delhi, with the 10th one planned for next month. This is my favourite part of the journey because you get to meet such a likeminded community.

Deeba Rajpal, what’s Your Dream?

To shoot every day; to learn something new every day. I’ve never had a dream, ever the practical person who goes with what life hands me. I’ve got more in life than I could have ever dreamt of!

The things which are in your bucket list?

To do a class in post-processing. To visit the spice markets in Marrakesh. To travel across India covering the places I’ve never been to.

Some basic photography tips to my readers?

Shoot every day. Stay inspired. It’s the eye that frames, not the equipment. Build a signature style. Be honest and credit the source if it’s an inspired/emulated shot.

What do you love to bake for your family?

Anything with coffee and chocolate, usually either a layered cake or a baked cheesecake.

Deeba Rajpal, who is Your favourite chef ?

don’t have one favourite chef but I hugely admire Vikas Khanna for the person he is, and for being so creative and humble. For my kind of palette, chefs like Donna Hay and Ottolenghi create my kind of food. A couple of my friends are great chefs and I love the way they create food, always inspired, always fresh!

Don’t forget to check her blog Passionate About Baking where she shares some mind-blowing pictures and recipes.

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