Blanket Hotel & Spa : The Ultimate Luxury Experience in Munnar ,Kerala

Rejuvenate in the realm of luxury with enchanting Attukad waterfall. The heavenly experience at Blanket Hotel & Spa gonna woo your senses.

A slice of Heaven, that’s how I felt during my stay at Blanket Hotel & Spa. The feathery clouds were wrapping the whistling woods and mountains magically. The mirage of a castle was formed at the crown of the mountains. The Alice in me whispered to be wanderlust. And the Gypsy girl said “Let’s do it”

Attukad waterfall | My Cooking Canvas


Arrival at Blanket Hotel & Spa

It was pure bliss. The road through the Pallivasala Tea-estate to Blanket Hotel & Spa took us to a dream-land. The sight of Attukad Waterfall overlooking those tea-clad mountains is stunning. Frickles of dew were noticeable on lush green tea leaves. As we approach towards the resort,

I was in a state of exhilaration. The sound of the waterfall fills the air as we approach towards our resort. And we reached that slice of Heaven. The location is so perfect that every angle offers you a picture perfect postcard.

Welcome at Blanket took place in a traditional way. Lady wearing a kasavu saree greeted us with flower and Chandan. This way of welcoming is treated as auspicious in Indian culture.


What We Love about this Five-star Luxury Property

180 Degree View from Our Room

Their most selling Room is ‘Blanket Honeymoon Pavilion’. The view from this room will surely take your breath. For a moment, you may feel that you are transported to another world. We could not get enough of that 180-degree view of the Attukad waterfalls from the balcony of Blanket Hotel & Spa. It made us speechless.

Nature speaks to the soul. The feeling was surreal which can’t be expressed in words.

“The Earth has its music for those who will listen.” – George Santayana

The Garden

What could be more delightful sight than a garden, right opposite to the Hotel?  Yeah, there is a beautiful garden, crafted adjacent to the parking area. Count a few steps and climb that slope to reach on the top. Breathe the refreshing air and capture the fascinating sight with your eyes. You can sample mind blogging 360-degree panoramic views.

During our stay, we were climbing up for a refreshing morning trek. The ornamental flowers everywhere were admiring the mother nature. The jolly Alice felt like as if in Eden Garden. Truly Bliss!

The Infinity Pool

It was drizzling that morning. And the weather was melodious to tempt me spending more and more time doing nothing. Now you see me in the blue Infinity Pool, admiring the forest bestowed.

Whether you know Swimming or not. You can’t miss getting into the gorgeous Infinity Pool. This is one of many highlights of this Luxury resort.  Take a soothing dive and admire the world around you.

It features excellent views of Attukad waterfall and its surrounding mountains. Just keep your mind away from the worldly problems and enjoy a soothing dive in the refreshing pool.

Delicious Food.

When you are in Blanket Hotel & Spa, you will be spoilt by delectable food. One of the super thin crispy Dosa we had there. The best part of the Restaurant is the view. You can treat your eyes too while relishing lip-smacking Kerala food.

We tried many dishes from their special Kerala Menu. That sinful spread of dishes was amazing.

I learnt one fish recipe during the Cooking Class. It is called, Manga Meen Kozhumbhu. Fish is cooked with green mango and fresh coconut milk. The tangy flavor of mango is beautifully balanced with coconut milk. An explosion of flavors.

How We spent Our Days at Blanket Hotel & Spa 

There are many activities to do apart from lazing around and gazing at those tea-clad mountains. Trust me that’s the best thing to do when you are far away from the city’s chaos. Get lost into Nature in true sense.

Nature Walk

After enjoying a freshly brewed coffee, we joined the guided Nature walk in the morning. With a bunch of other travelers, we took the road through the tea plantations. The in-house Naturalist took us for an hour trek. In the end, we were rewarded with the magical views of the majestic Attukad waterfall.

There is a family staying next to the waterfall bed.  Exuding the aroma of cardamom in the air, this place offers you small tea-joint. You can sit and sip a cup of chaya (Kerala tea) enjoying the gorgeous Attukad.

The old couple cultivates Cardamom and Pepper in their ancestral property. You can buy from the farmers directly.


Village Tour

Take a Jeep ride to the nearby village. The housing settlements of the tea plantation workers. Experience the local culture, enjoy a cup of tea at their clubhouse. An early morning visit to the village can get you the luck sighting workers plucking tea leaves.

Dress like a Keralite

This was fun. I and Saswati draped the traditional Kasavu Sarees in the evening. Just before going to watch the Cultural event. Well, that’s the tripod who clicked this pic 🙂

The Cultural Performance

Mohiniyattam is one of the traditional classical dance that is popular in Kerala. During the Chera reign from 9th to the 12th century, this dance form became popular.

There was an in-house performance arranged by Blanket Hotel & Spa on the second day. The leisurely movements, the swaying yet graceful symphony of the dancer was impressive.

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