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Best food in Utah

The United States of America enjoys an extremely strong culinary tradition. From succulent steaks to burgers to tempt anyone, this is probably the best destination for food in existence. If, by chance, your spot happens to be Utah, there are some really special dishes here which will get your stomach rumbling in no time says Jyotsna Ramani.

Jyotsna Ramani is an avid globetrotter who loves putting pen to paper. Her two passions combined when she stopped scribbling in her dear diary and jotted down her adventures on her blog, Now, she’s a professional wanderer and loves bringing back amazing tales from the road, to her readers. Don’t forget to check her amazing blog WanderwithJo.

Best food in Utah

She is my guest here who is going to share a Food Story from Utah..I met this spirited traveller during the bloggers-meet that happened last month at Chariot Beach Resort , Mahabalipuram.

Over to Jyotsna…

The world-famous National Parks, cute Utah cabin rentals and the ski resorts of Utah, attract tourists in droves to this unique Beehive State. However, there is something more to Utah than just the usual outdoor fare, and that are the really good food bites available here. A list of some of the most delicious dishes to devour, and captivating drinks to savour, are listed below.

 Crown Burger

Burgers are a passion with not only the locals, but with most foodies worldwide. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, but the most popular meat on meat option is undoubtedly the Crown Burger. Product of a local fast food chain by the same name, Crown Burger was established way back in 1978. Utah, incidentally, is considered to be the only place in US where this quarter pound chicken patty is made best.

Best food in Utah

 Navajo Tacos

The Navajo Indian tribe has a major influence in the state of Utah, having their roots there from time immemorial. A bit different from the Mexican tortilla, in that in the Navajo Taco the tortilla is substituted with fried bread. The other ingredients of this popular dish in Utah are, beef, black bean chilly, cheese, radish, onion and cilantro lime rice.

 Funeral potatoes

While most people may find the name morbid, Funeral Potatoes got their name from being a comforting food dish which was passed around during mourning. It is said that  this creamy and crunchy dish is so tasty, it dissipates the sorrow after a funeral.


Iceberg Drive Inn, is not only a household name in Utah, but in Arizona and California as well and not without reason. It is said that they have been churning out some of the thickest peach and strawberry milkshakes, topped with real fruit chunks, successfully since 1960.

Best food in Utah

Collegiate Ice Cream

Ice cream is quite seriously consumed in America, so much so that rivalry between the two universities of Utah State and Brigham Young University who make the ice cream, is quite intense. The Aggie Blue Mint from the Utah University, is hands down the best and features mint ice cream with chunks of white chocolate.

Utah Salt

While the state of Utah is synonymous with both the Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City, it is the town of Redmond which has everything saline about it. Redmond sits on a million year old large salt deposit, possibly as a result of the town rising out of the sea. The salt available here is a rich blend of 60 natural trace minerals, which are coveted not only for its flavour but health benefits as well. Cocktail bars in Salt Lake City serve a delicious mix of lime, genever, chamomile syrup with Genepy des Alpes and a rim of Utah salt.

Potato Tots

In Utah, if Navajo Tacos have a large fan following, Potato Tots are not far behind in any respect. This equally popular item on the menu is served in a variety of recipes in most restaurants in Utah. The crispy small balls can be topped with tomatoes, bacon,scallions, cheese and sour cream and best savoured with a glass of chilled beer.

Artisanal Cheese

Utah has hundreds and hundreds of dairy farms and is on the forefront in the Swiss cheese producing business in the entire US. The state is spoilt for choices as far as cheese variety is considered, but the Heber Valley Artisanal cheese is really something special. The farm is run by a fourth generation family and make five types of cheese in 40 different flavors, including honey lavender cheddar and jack cheese which is pepper infused.


The High West Distillery first opened its doors in only 2006 ,but has since paved the way in spirit manufacture in Utah. After a tasting and educational tour of the distillery at Wanship, try out the signature Sip High West Lemonade. It is blended with double rye whisky and spicy lemonade made entirely at home.


The highways and scenic byways of Utah are replete with pie outlets. Visitors, who throng to view the beautiful desert landscapes of the state, are treated to some unique pie recipes at the Sunglow Restaurant in southern Utah. The pinto and buttermilk pie have being doing the rounds since the 1950’s. The pie baker, here, has been around for more than thirty years and these pies make their presence felt on every Thanksgiving and other occasions.

Utah Corn

Eating locally grown Utah corn is a pastime which Americans relish. Utah produces some of the best summer variety of corn from July to October. During the season the corn can be had with bacon, potato and garlic and is eaten as a creative side dish. This makes for one of the best street foods in town too.

Everyone has a favourite dish, but that does not necessarily mean that you can eat it all your life. If you want to feast well, try out the abundance of drinks and dishes available in the Beehive State, because not only the locals have a love for their land, but also for the food raised on it.

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