A Thrilling Adventure at Pench Tiger Reserve

In the past we have invited bloggers to share Guest Posts at Lady’sPhinger. Today Soma Pradhan, a talented blogger is  my Guest who is a Food & Travel blogger like me. She is an artist who has amazed many times with her creations on canvas.I love her works.

I am so glad that Soma agreed to do a Travel Post for me when I approached her few days back .

About Soma ..

“I am a development manager by profession working for an MNC and a Pune based food blogger. I own a website in the name of somapradhan.com where I write all my food and travel experience. Being a foodie,  I share the recipes which are cooked, curated and clicked by me in the same space . I happen to be a hardcore Wildlife Enthusiast and Nature lover who feels very strongly about conservation of both. All my vacations include travel to a nearby forest where I can stay in the lap of nature, click them and save them so that I can enjoy and relive the experience when I am back in the hustle bustle of city. ”

Let’s jump to the story now…
Langdi is one the most iconic Tigress of Pench Tiger Reserve which resides in the Central Part of India . And to see her head on for 1 hour is like a dream come true. It was during our last trip to Pench in October 2016 when we got an opportunity to capture and shoot her. Till date , it has been our best sighting so far and for the longest duration when inside the park. To speak honestly, we had hardly any expectations because it was the last stop of our 10 days’ vacation and we had planned only one trip inside the park due to time constraint.

We were very tired of all the driving which we had been doing since past one week and had driven almost 1500 km by then and had another 1100 km to be driven back home. Visiting Pench is almost like a ritual and we had to take it as it is one of our  most favorite and lucky park and was also supposed to be the last trip of the year. Nevertheless, we reached our Hotel much before time in spite of the bad road and Dada and his staff received us with so much hospitality and warmth that we felt instantly at home. Pench has that aura to make you feel relaxed and calm as soon you are in the vicinity of the forest which is also known as the Jungle Book jungle where the Renounced Writer Rudyard Kipling wrote his most famous work.


Well, to tell you the stats , we have approximately 2000 tigers only left in India and being the National Animal of our country, it becomes the national responsibility of every citizen to do his/her part to save this beautiful Animal. Otherwise, it would soon become a chapter in history with pictures only, to show to our future generations.


People often question would it really matter if Tiger Extinct . Dinosaurs did and we are still surviving. Well, to answer you the truth, The big cats stand first in the food chain. You will have to understand it first to realize that Human Beings do not exist in the food chain at all. The Nature and Earth and Ecosystem maintain a balance because of this chain . If the chain is disrupted, the eco system would fall apart. Things like Global Warming, Pollution, Climate Change, Water Contamination are all directly related to it and the environmental changes that we see today are an after effect of it.


Some people think that “Tiger Tourism” is not good for “Saving the Tiger” as vehicles entering the park with loads of tourists causes disturbance and pollutes the air and sound and destroys the jungle’s peaceful environment. And it is perfectly fine to visit cities and Pollute them more (Air, Water, Sound & etc) . It is ok if Poachers Kill Tigers one by one and let the Forests Die slowly. “Who cares as we don’t live in jungles”. If there would be no Tigers in Jungles, there will come a day when there would be no Jungles and if there would be no Jungles, eventually a day will come when there will be no Us.

I say everyone should visit the Beautiful Forests at least once to understand how Fragile our Jungles have become. The parts of India which were ones covered with vast stretch of green forests have now been broken into patches because of human intervention. Tomorrow, if these patches vanish too, the entire Natural Air conditioning would disappear . Once, we see the jungles ourselves and understand how we are related and how selfishly we are destroying the natural resources given to us by Nature, we might become responsible enough to save what is left.

We may then consciously start to save “Water”, “Electricity”, “Paper”, “Reduce the use of Plastics” and all the things which has a direct and indirect impact on Nature. As all the Natural Resources we consume are coming from our Jungles. And what we give back is nothing. By only consuming and not recharging, a day will come when everything is exhausted. Today we recharge our TV Channels subscription monthly or yearly so can we get uninterrupted entertainment but if We do not Recharge our Forests “Our Lives can be Interrupted too” .

Coming back to Pench, here are some of the pictures from the last trip when we visited Pench. She was sitting near the Bijjamatta Lake and resting. All the vehicles from in and around the area stopped to take a glimpse of her. She stood up, crossed the road, gazed at the tourists and bravely crossed the road. She scent marked , a butterfly was also flapping over her. She then decided to walk on road. Our vehicle was right in front of her. Hence, to give her enough space and not to disturb her zone, we decided to reverse back. This continued for almost an hour when she decided to get into the woods. Take a look at the pictures and the videos and plan to visit any national park nearby your area/state so you can also get a glimpse of this mesmerizing beauty.

Here is the You Tube Link of her


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  2. Aw, this has been an extremely nice post. In thought I must place in writing similar to this moreover – taking time and actual effort to create a great article… but what / things I say… I procrastinate alot and also by no indicates appear to get something accomplished.

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