Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Ever lost inside Hills and Hues? And that feeling “to be lost again and again inside the enchanting forest, humming along with tiny birds..sounds euphoric. But it’s real when you are at Hills and Hues Resort, Thekkady.

We love Monsoon.Traveling in Monsoon is such a mesmerizing experience . We do wait for a whole year for this period when Nature is at its best attire. The mother earth welcomes you with a warmth that drenches your soul, no matter where you are.

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Hills and Hues Resort

This Four-star boutique resort in Thekkady is built on a piece of land, touching the feet of its two mothers. Oh, those two mothers are Tamilnadu and Kerala, greeting each other with a bagful of feathery clouds.

We waved our hands, a refreshing hiatus from Bangalore’s busy life. Geared up with our Travel bag and Cameras. And hit the road, adding Thekkady to our Monsoon destination.


The windy roads unwinded our travel souls and took us for an adventurous ride. The dawn flipped through the bus window and alarmed a wake-up call. We rose up with a great surprise, the bus was inside the woods of Thekkady. A beautiful morning lust into greens, we waited long for the sun-rise. As the sun was busy playing hide and seek game with the clouds.

After witnessing the magical morning show, we finally arrived at our destination. The cab driver was waiting at the bus stop and greeted us with a smile.

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Here the Joy ride started. We opened up the window glass and a gale of the breeze kissed our cheeks. A refreshing morning drive on the narrow road, inside the Cardamom plantations. Never noticed Hibiscus flowers so closely before, such a beauty!

People in Thekkady use Hibiscus plants fencing around their spice plantations. Because of its strong stems make great fencing protecting from wild animals. Is not the ” Bold and Beautiful” title suits Hibiscus flower perfectly? We were admiring the mother earth every here and there.

Suddenly a horn brought me back from thought zone. It was an auto rickshaw, loaded with kids heading to school. We were burst into laughter when this small pack of jolliness waved their hands. We waved back and moved ahead.

A miraculous day, it started drizzling as soon as our car entered the gate of Hills and Hues. What could be more soothing than that, nature was welcoming us with a whole heart. Rain drops add a dash of vibrancy to the greenery giving it a more refreshing look.

Hills and Hues Resort

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Welcome at Hills and Hues Resort

We felt as if we landed onto a different era. The property was amazingly beautiful. The car pulled off the trigger in front of the reception. A couple of staffs came out of that chalet and greeted us with a welcome note.

Then we headed to our Shabby Chic, tuning with the monsoon. A refreshing morning in the lap of graceful nature. The moment we entered inside the cottage, we were astonished by the architecture.

The Shabby-chic interiors were elegant, leaving the white house vibes of Pop-Victorian. The floral fabrics and vintage pieces of furniture were enhancing the beauty in all ways. A comfortable and soft space bringing intimacy to luxurious spaces.

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Hills and Hues Resort

The best viewpoint was from the wide balcony. The mountains and landscapes surrounded were complimenting each other..a graceful monsoon affair! At last, the sun peeped out of misty clouds and said ” Good morning Gypsy Travellers ”


We rested against the white couch, appreciating the architect. All we needed at that very moment was hot tea. The doorbell rang.. the room service guy was there holding a tray of a teakettle, cups, and sweeteners. We rejoiced with a cup of tea in the balcony, enjoying the windy weather.

Soon we noticed the birthday cake on the table which was a surprise to the birthday gal ,Sai Priya ! A warm and sweet welcome.Later she cut the cake with a background music of tip-tap falling rain drops.

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Bright & Sunny Restaurant

We loved the dine-in experience at that pretty attractive Restaurant. The best part was the blackboard menu. And the forgiving and warm shabby-chic decor was soothing to our eyes. You may not enjoy the room-service once you get the charm of this place overlooking the mountain valleys.

From Pancake to Idiyappam, everything is available here. Idiyappam is a soft rice noodle served with vegetable stew. It’s a traditional Kerala dish.


Hills and Hues Resort

Hills and Hues Resort

Things to Do at Hills and Hues Resort, Thekkady

Nature Walk

There is never too much of Nature. The more the merrier.

The indelible experience of doing a Nature walk with the Naturalist cannot be missed at Hills and Hues. We took the road inside the forest which divides the two states, Kerala and Tamilnadu. That intoxicating aroma of the forest with chattering sound of birds was the perfect music for the hour.


Ayurvedic Spa

When you are in God’s own country, enjoy the goodness of Ayurvedic Spa. Hills and Hues have an Ayurvedic Treatment Centre with a traditional Kerala¬†interior habitat. You can opt for Ayurvedic wellness treatment and massage therapy during your stay.Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

Hills and Hues Resort , A Blissful Stay at Thekkady

What can be a finer place than a Watchtower, where your eyes perceive the panoramic views, nature throws at you. Hills and Hues has a 360-degree view Watchtower and the sight of color changing sunset will nest in your memory forever.

The lust greens around Hills and Hues is blending with Periyar National Park few kilometers away.

Just free your mind from the dead-busy world and lose yourself at those landscapes of Thekkady.

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