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Curry / Side-dish, Vegan

South-Indian Drumstick Curry | Murungakkai Kuzhambu

Perfectly balanced with fresh blend spices ,this preparation with green drumstick will surely win many hearts. Serve it with rice or as a side-dish to Dosa ,it will work wonderfully everywhere. You can also try with ven-pongal … Very first time i was introduced to this by my neighbor Aunt in Bangalore ,she is a Tamilian married to a Kannada. Very soft spoken and a good cook .On any festival day she used to invite me for the delicious South-Indian spread which she always cooks with great love .And this Drumstick dish was one of her best. To prepare this…

Curry / Side-dish

Restaurant style Yellow Dal

There is hardly anyplace in India where people won’t recognize this lentil curry. A staple vegetarian dish in every Indian household, dal chawal have become synonymous with home-made food, relished by the young & old in the same contentment. This dish is divergent from place to place ,because the real flavor lies in the tadka that is put into this after boiling the lentils properly.. And if my lunch plate has rice, alo-bharta and moong-dal ,i happily dance with joy. Before i start my plate ,i add mango pickle to this spread & enjoy that simple soul food. I am…

Curry / Side-dish

Dahi Kadhi

Curd is cooked with gram-flour & few spices which pairs well with hot steam rice. This is a popular combination in North-India where the gravy is little thicker. From state to state the spices differ in making a bowl of kadhi. Unlike punjabi kadhi, no gram flour fritters are added to Rajasthani version of kadhi. I make it whenever i find sour-curd lying in my fridge. Many use dry-mango pieces to bring that sourness into fresh curd. They add dry-mango piece in the plain curd along with other spice powders and keep it aside for 15 to 20 minute. Discard…

Curry / Side-dish, Indian Festive Food, Snacks

Punjabi kale Chole

If you are in Punjab ,you will find hardly any restaurant who doesn’t serve chole. And the combination of Chole bhature is quite a popular dish in North-India. During my stay in Delhi , i used to enjoy a lot this dish at Haldiram restaurant. They serve this dish with pickled chili & a piece of spicy paneer on top. Today sharing kale chole recipe which can be prepared on a festive season when people opt to eat food without Onion-garlic. And it’s really chatpata in taste tingling your taste bud.

Curry / Side-dish, Vegan

Stuffed Okra

Aren’t these beautiful ,sometimes i think how magically God has crafted this beautiful earth ,so enchanting ,colorful…I thank the creator for blessing all those prepossessing elements of Nature i come across daily ,truly magical .And in Monsoon Nature became more lively with the touch of rain ,i just love that green all around.. Though i am not a big fan of lady’s finger ,but i love few recipes that Mom prepares. One of them is stuffed Lady’s Finger . You can see many variation in the spices that is stuffed into these green ..Mom uses a paste of mustard &…

Chutney / Dip / Condiments

Elephant Apple Chutney

While people in Indonesia make a healthy breakfast drink using Elephant apple ,in eastern India this fruit is generously used making curries, chutney etc. “Oou” ,”chalta” ,”owtenga” that’s how this tree is recognized in local names in India which is grown in semi -tropical forests in deep soil and humid atmosphere.

Curry / Side-dish


Who is not aware of this world famous South-Indian delicacy “Sambhar” ,a quintessential accompaniment to Idlis ,Dosas and many more.. Over the years, sambhar has seen numerous variations from place to place..Karnataka Sambhar has little sweetness while a typical Andhra Sambhar has more chilis in it. I always love the Tamil version which is little thick & perfectly balanced with spices. Sambhar has essentially been a favorite among those living in the southern part of the nation but the history says some different story leading the origin to the royal kitchen of Thanjavur Marathas ,where the dish is named as…

Curry / Side-dish, Healthy

Batibasa , A Heirloom Recipe

The land of Utkal (Odisha) is well known as a petal of lotus Bharat.People are endowed with rich culture & high tradition. So as the varieties of traditional food continually flourishing through ages.Starting from “Dalma” to “Poda-pitha” all those popularizing by flow of time. Still there are many more unsung recipes fading by time with lack of interest in learning them by our new generation. Impact of western food among youngsters gradually bringing a drastic change in Indian palate.

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