Chutney / Dip / Condiments

Elephant Apple Chutney

While people in Indonesia make a healthy breakfast drink using Elephant apple ,in eastern India this fruit is generously used making curries, chutney etc. “Oou” ,”chalta” ,”owtenga” that’s how this tree is recognized in local names in India which is grown in semi -tropical forests in deep soil and humid atmosphere.

Curry / Side-dish, Healthy

Batibasa , A Heirloom Recipe

The land of Utkal (Odisha) is well known as a petal of lotus Bharat.People are endowed with rich culture & high tradition. So as the varieties of traditional food continually flourishing through ages.Starting from “Dalma” to “Poda-pitha” all those popularizing by flow of time. Still there are many more unsung recipes fading by time with lack of interest in learning them by our new generation. Impact of western food among youngsters gradually bringing a drastic change in Indian palate.

Fish/Sea Food

“Chingudi Besara ” , An Authenticate Preparation with Prawn

Warm Greetings to all. Today the sun shines after a week long rain here .Whatever may be ,Bangalore climate has it’s own distinct charm ,pleasant always. Happy to share that recently i did a Christian Wedding photography assignment . It was my first experience to shoot a Christian bride in her gorgeous gown. Today i am sharing a recipe of my Mom’s ,an authenticate preparation with fresh Prawn.

BreakFast, Chicken/Meat

Pear-Chicken Bagel Sandwich

Summer is all about making a smarter choice in food and keeping yourself more healthy. At the same time we always wish a delicious dish in a less time.Usually after a busy tiring day ,dinner is always a problem. Isn’t so? Why not some healthy sandwiches to try which are delicious too.I have used multi-grain bagel here which can be replaced as any bread of your choice. Enjoy your weekend ..

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