Haridwar / Devprayag Trip

Haridwar or Ganga-dwar is one of the holiest places for Hindus where thousand of pilgrims come and take bath in the sacred water of Ganges.

When i saw the beauty of Ganga at Devprayag ,i was simply spellbound.The clean water and the purity of water that one can feel when you drink it ..!! But sadly its no more clean at Haridwar Ghats.Yes , you are there to take bath in the sacred water but it doesn’t mean to make the water pollute by washing clothes etc etc.

Sprinkle few drops instead of doing a full body spa and do right karma ,that is enough to make your soul pure.It was our third day at Rishikesh when early in the morning we decide to stay one more day .In few minutes we started for Devprayag ,around 75 km from Rishikesh.

Route : Rishikesh – Shivpuri – Chandpur – Bachedikhal – Devprayag (kedarnath road ,NH 58 )

Its completely Ghat roads and road condition is Ok. There were land slides in few places which usually happen more in rainy season.You need to be very careful at the sharp turns as the roads are just parallel to river Ganga.

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Near chandpur there are many eatery outlets on the road side.I loved the Aloo-Paratha (Stuffed Naan with mash potatoes) which they served with Rajma curry .A dollop of desi-ghee (clarified butter)made it more delicious .yummy !! 


It took us three hour to reach Dev-prayag . The sight of the sangam (confluence)  of river Alakananda and Bhagirathi to form Ganga was spectacular. While the water of Alaknanda is bluish ,river Bhagirathi is whitish.So one can easily see the mixture of colors at the sangam which is eye-catching.

King Bhagirath brought the goddess Ganga in the form of the river Ganges, from the heavens to the earth as described in the epic Ramayana. That’s why the river is called “Bhagirathi” till Devprayag starting from Gaumukh in the Garhwal Himalaya.




Coming back to Rishikesh , we again explored one place called “Vaisisth Cave” on the way. Spent some time near Ganges.. One can notice many camps on the bank of Ganges on the way.Rishikesh is also famous for white water rafting. Though the water level is not that much to enjoy a good rafting in this time of the year.

Next day we started our back journey to Delhi.Visited Mansa devi temple in Haridwar at the top of Bilwa parvat ,but before that the sweet shops in market tempted me. And finally we had 3-4 types of sweets along with fresh fried Mathris (salted-crackers). The total bill was only 45 bucks !!

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