A Ride to Billing ,Himachal Pradesh

As promised to the beautiful mountains we were sipping the morning tea at Billing landing point tea-stall. I had been taken to a different world by mother nature. Lovely sight it was.Beyond all other trees the wheat plant crops bend’s to the wind’s desire dancing on a rhythm.

It was very disappointing to hear from the shop owner that paragliding had been stopped in Billing.

Oh Gosh! we were totally clueless what to do next. But still Dev had a hope to try his lady luck.

By 11 am we were at Billing completing a ride of 14 km in Ghat section. Mesmerizing landscape views getting even more better as we climb up from Bir. As we reached there Tibetan school children were packing their stuff to get back to town. They spent their night in tent houses on the hill top.

Lady luck finally say good bye to us as we realized there is no chance of doing para-gliding in any way.

There is only one shop at billing top where you can have tea . The same guy who provided tents with lunch and diner as a full package to those school children.After a cup of tea we decided to have lunch there and very soon the guy started his fresh preparation .

That shop was very old and the guy who himself  is a para-glider has many interesting story about the place to share.

Standing on top of the hill at an elevation of 2400 meter and looking around the joginder nagar valley which stretches it’s arm across Dhauladhar Mountain Range is just too amazingly beautiful.I thanked the creator for creating such beauty for us.It was like a painting with different shades of green on nature’s canvas.

After lunch we returned back to Bir and started exploring Tibetan Monasteries near by.

There are few monasteries in the town itself where as few are around 4 km away from landing point. We drove to Palpung Main Monastrey school and then “Sherap Monastery” ,the university where around thousand monks are enrolled.

Next day early morning we started our return journey to Delhi via Chandigarh.Climate was wonderful.Took our lunch at my uncle’s house in Chandigarh who is a radar-engineer in Indian Air-force , aunt is an amazing cook.It was such a refreshing ride in the summer days and was a great escape from Delhi unpleasant weather. The little Tibetan city at 1400 meter altitude welcomes all those who come to it with the promise of laid back days and relaxed evenings. Stay happy and enjoy travelling. 🙂

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