Gem Park Ooty | Experience the Nilgiri’s Beauty

Gem Park Ooty retains an unruffled air of easy grace. Nestled among the Nilgiri Mountains, this place offers you one of the best views of Queen of Nilgiris.

Here, the pace of life is more relaxed once you check in to this place. Gem Park Ooty awaits its guests the whole year and enjoys a location in the
heart of Ooty. It offers a panoramic view of Dodabetta Valley. Operating as luxury accommodation, they offer their guests the atmosphere of a delightful vibrant era.

The moment we stepped into our Luxury Suite, there was a beautiful welcome note with a bottle of wine. They also surprised us with a
birthday cake when they came to know it’s Saswati’s birthday. Our Gypsy gal was super happy. I must mention the chocolate cake was super delicious.

Things You Gonna Love at Gem Park Ooty

  • The Location & The Architecture

The best part of the Hotel is the architecture. Whether you choose a basic Delux Room or a Luxury Suite, it will offer you the beautiful sight of the Dodabetta Valley through the Window.

We stayed in a Luxury Suite for 3 days. The oval shape Mirror in the Master Bedroom was noticeable. The flower arrangements made the suite even more attractive. A well-decorated Dining table was there next to the Living Room. A perfect place to live like a Queen!

The living room sofa was the perfect place to watch the sunrise. One of the most magnificent sights of Mother Nature. Just in the span of a few minutes, I found hundreds of postcard-worthy moments across the Dodabetta Valley.

Yes, you can expect a hot cup of Masala Tea at this hour in your Room. When it comes to Customer satisfaction, Gem Park Ooty do the perfect service.
If you are a Chess Lover, there is something which gonna captivate your attention. The giant Chessboard in the garden. Listen to the wind gusting over the mountains and spend some time saving the king 🙂 

  • Enjoy the Food with a panoramic view at Gem Park Ooty

We started the Day with lavish breakfast at Toda Cafe which is located on the fifth floor of hotel Gem Park Ooty. There was a live Dosa counter making the perfect Ghee Roast Dosa. And those chutneys were totally outstanding. Enjoyed both Indian & Continental during our stay with their warm hospitality.

We also enjoyed the fish Molee at our lunch. I never missed the caramel pudding post lunch. It was so good that I had to always go for the second round 🙂


Jade Garden

Dine here to relish authentic food from the Szechwan, Canton and Hunan Regions of China. The Resturant is a serene sophistication of Chinese Art. There is so much Visual Art to feel. There are a few paintings by Wu Changshuo. At one point we felt that we are in China 🙂

  • Kids Zone

They have a separate Kids Park where kids will love to play for hours. I couldn’t resist my excitement when I found those cute little bunnies playing there. What a beautiful Morning it was! Loved cuddling them. We spent a good time capturing them in Camera. It was really fun!

  • Cactus Garden, Gem Park Ooty

I was totally amazed at how beautifully they have maintained a Cactus Garden. It’s something which one may ever expect to see in a Hill station. Surprisingly I found a variety of Cactus and succulent plants there. Also picked a few Succulent plants to Bangalore with me 🙂

This is the only place in Ooty where one can find such a beautiful Cactus Garden. And I am always crazy about Cactus, my most favourite! Because they know how to survive, stay sharp and you will bloom one day. So true!

  • Toda Tribe Village Tour

 Though I visited Ooty couple of times before, this is the thing I always wanted to do. Meeting the pastoral tribe of the Nīlgiri Hills. Todas are one of the most ancient people in India, a Dravidian ethnic group. I would like to thank Mr Vinoth from Gem Park Ooty who took us to one of those Toda Villages. It was a 15 minutes drive from the hotel.

They are no more living in a barrel-vaulted house. But their Temple is still same where only the priest can enter offering buffalo milk. They worship Nature. They consider the buffalo to be a sacred animal and believe that God first created the buffalo.

We met Vesamalli who is the first graduate from the Toda tribe. She is a kind-hearted lady with a vibrant personality. She welcomed us offering tea in her barrel-vaulted concrete house. After a long conversation, she asked us to wear the traditional ‘Pukhoor’ stole. Pukhoor is a fine embroidery work done by Toda Women.


  • Visit The Nilgiri Library    

This 160-year-old library is one of the Oldest, finest private Library of the Country. The magnificent Gothic Architecture building will easily impress you. The large collection of Books took my breath. They have around 30,000 books including 19th-century British Journals and some rare collection on Ooty tribes.

A must visit place if you are an explorer. The library hosts Ooty Literary Festival each September.

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