10 Simple Fish Recipes to Cook at Home

Here are the 10 Best Indian Fish Recipes that you will love to cook. Flavorful ,delicious and absolutely crowd-pleaser.

Being born and brought up in a culture where I got the chance to relish Odiya as well as Bengali food.Fish has been always a part of it. Today I am sharing the 10 Simple Fish Recipes to Cook at Home

Bangalore,the city where I got introduced to different food cultures. I got the chance to explore more when I started Food & Travel blogging 4 years back. My travel is incomplete without trying the local cuisines

1. Sorshe Maach Recipe 

A delicious fish preparation is a must on a Bong Thali. Eating fish is kind of ritual in Bengal. Treat your family the quintessential Bengali staple, Sorshe Maachh-Bhaat. All will love for sure. 10 Simple Fish Recipes to Cook at Home

2.Fish Molee ,Best Indian Fish Recipes

During my travel to different parts of Kerala, I relished Malabar cuisine where fish is the hero. One of those preparations is Fish Molee.  Fish slow-cooked in a generous amount of Coconut milk .with minimal spices.

Don’t forget to use good coconut oil.


3.Fish Head Curry Recipe

Rohu and Catla are the two common fish that are eaten in Odisha. But do you know they cook that big fish head too. Usually in a wedding function it’s a must for the lunch.

This dish is one of the Best Indian Fish Recipes that one should try at least one. 10 Simple Fish Recipes to Cook at Home


4. Mangalorean Fish Curry

Mangalorean Fish Curry which is known as Meen Gassi. Meen means Fish in the local language. This is such a soulful meal for any Mangalorean.


5. Bengali Doi Maach

Fish in Curd or Doi Maach dish is a Bengali delicacy. A flavorful dish with minimal spices. Fish is marinated with fried spices paste and curd. Curd is called doi in Bengali.



6. Karimeen pollichathu ,One of the Best Indian Fish Recipes

Fried Fish in Banana leaf sounds so flavorful. Karimeen Polichathu, a dish that every Malayali love.

The banana leaf adds so much flavor to this dish. One of the traditional method of cooking food.


7. Bhetki Paturi Recipe

You need fresh banana leave to prepare this dish.So get it before hand. Barramundi Fish is called Bhetki in Bengali.You can prepare this dish with other fishes  like Ilish ,Pomfret etc.


8.Fish Chop ,Best Indian Fish Recipes

Macher Chop or Bengali style Fish Croquette is absolutely a crowd pleasure dish. Usually it is served with Kasundi dip. Kasundi is a fermented mustard sauce popular in West Bengal.


9. Kerala Fish Fry

Kerala Fish Fry easily fall into Bachelor’s cooking list. Cooking time is only 10 minutes. This dish is super delicious and truly satisfying .Check the recipe of this Kerala delicacy here.


10. Pohala Macha Jhola

Check this Odiya style Fish curry ,one of the Best Indian Fish Recipes for sure. Usually small size of Pohala fishes are used to make this curry.




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