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Tea is a Gift  from Nature to human beings.The drink was first discovered around 2737 BC. The Chinese Emperor Shennong found a tea leaf in his freshly-boiled drinking water that had blown from a nearby bush. Upon drinking this circumstantial concoction, tea was invented .

Recently I came across a recipe of Kuwaiti-tea.It’s refreshing and aromatic .It is usually served after lunch. Its a part of Kuwait old tradition to offer their guest a cup of tea or Arabic Coffee as they greet them in their house.

Kuwaiti-tea is refreshing and aromatic. Usually served after lunch. Its a part of Kuwait old tradition to offer their guest a cup of tea .

I am a teaholic and I love to try different flavor.I simply can’t stick to one particular taste in my day to day life.I love smoky the most.My day starts with a cup of perfectly brewed tea.

Tea is most-loved beverages in the world. This Kuwaiti-Tea is perfect for post lunch. I don’t mind sipping it while having my lunch too.



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Kuwaiti Tea Recipe
Course drink
Course drink
  1. Boil the water with cardamom powder and saffron for 2 min.Add tea and let it brew for sometime covering the lid.
  2. Strain it to your cup ,add honey and enjoy a refreshing tea.
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